Better camels are a NEED!

So as been to some other discussions ! The need for a descent Non-Bumping! non-costly ! normal ! cav for India is a must,

IMO This can be achieved by:

  • having new cav units!


  • Changing stats of camels!


  • Changing POP n Build cost of camels

these are camels from age 2, d o you think they need better stats?
image with 30% more damage card, and .50x bonus versus infatery units (2 cards sent)

Ever heard ? hussar the all rounder ? Ulhan the Vill raider? Naginata the second best ? Gendarme the . . . LOL ?

have a look at their stats and multiplier! : )

Sowar is the worst mixture of bad in all:

cost almost same!
2 pop!
least hp!
least attack!
no great multipliers (a basic for being a cav! without a card)

u can certainly see that the most used camel is Zamburak not the sowar!

ive not check the stats on later ages, but in age 2, its he best cav to kill infantery, those stats are on age 2

How is it so ? explain ?

26 x 2.5 = 65 damage each 1.5 seconds. They have good speed, no infatery (skirmishers, longbows, cassadors,s trelets) can run away from them.
they have .30 range resistance
the only problem is the low hp
the hurt ones you move them out of battle to be healed by your monk, then come back to battle again.

That would make India so OP. India’s weaker hand cav is like their one weakness - the rest of their units are ridiculous and they have incredible unit variety with age 2 counters. Stronger camels would put them over the top.

The low HP is a GREAT! problem!

  • The lower base attack ensures they don’t attack ANY OTHER unit!

  • Negetive Multiplier on Heavy Inf ensures cant even think to Touch any Ashigaru/Musk that are protecting the bow/strelet/skirm

  • They are melee unit they ALWAYS have to fight hand to hand, a lower HP never helps it! thats why you see a hussar can reach through heavy inf and kill the Light inf

Combine these 3, u have a challange to race an ULTRA FRAGILE Cav to walk through hell of heavy inf! with no ability to respond at all!

Also it needs 3xAge2 cards + british consulate to reach it max potential in age 2. Among which ! one Card DECREASES the Heavy inf multiplier from 0,5 down to 0,4 either

And NO One Ever sends ONLY light inf! and sowars low hp and negetive multiplier enables enemy to kill all of cav, with least number of heavy inf! allowing him to focus on Light inf

All that with 2 pop cost! : ) whats the purpose of a suicide cav that costs 2 pop that will kill 1pop light inf and then probably die, its highly inefficient, combined with the need of 2 to 3 cards of Age 2.

I suggest to remove the negetive multiplier and increase base hp to a atleast a respectable level as India doesn’t hav any cav HP increase card