Better card view: my suggestion (with old tree as inspiration)

[This post has been withdrawn]


Yeah I agree the old one was more clear, the new one makes you feel a bit lost in the crowd.


I loved your idea, just move the icons a bit closer together and do some minor adjustments for the rows and columns alignment and its perfect.


I’m giving this man the imaginary hero award today.

Thank you for taking the time to organize this in such a brilliant way. It’s one thing we’ve all been meaning to say but haven’t taken the time to organize the best way to present the need to the devs.

Bravo, sir.


I like the idea. However, there is something about the root or branch pattern in the original version that makes things easier to follow. I pick the original version.

Developers please adopt this suggestion! It is so much better and should be simple to implement.

Specially for new players that don’t know the cards, I think this will be very relevant

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