Better diplomacy?

Hello! We’re having a lot of fun with friends playing open diplomacy last man standing, but we find the diplomacy interface rather clunky. Are there any plans to improve diplomacy mechanics? For instance, it would be useful to be able to send alliance/peace proposals and to have war declared automatically if someone declares it on you.

What do you think? Are you playing these kind of games or do you usually play with fixed teams?


Text chat commands available for team games would be great. I don’t know if it’s possible, but I think of something like:

  • /ally p1 /enemy p1 /neutral p1, to change the respective diplomatic instance to a player.

  • /givegold1000 p1 /givefood500 p1 /givewood200 p1 /givestone100 p1, to tribute the respective resource to a player (can only work with natural multiples of 100 that are one or bigger). And this command can only be enabled if the tributed player is already a ally.

I would also like to see more generalistic commands such as:

  • /resign to resign.

  • /grid to toggle the grid on or off.

  • /ping to toggle ping and fps statistics, much simmilar to how the F11 key works.

  • /pause to pause or unpause a game, much simmilar to how the F3 key works.

  • /sound to disable or enable game sound.

  • /hud to disable or enable the HUD.

  • /save to save a custom match or campaign.

  • Something like /ecomap or /milmap to change between minmap display modes.