Better resource statistics

Hi everyone!
It seems like a good idea that in the top bar of resources, there is an indicator of the amount of food / wood / gold I produce per second.
For example:

What you think?


Never thought about it. It will definetly be great!
However, I think top players will say that you have to learn to macro and having resources per seconds will be cheating xD (of course is not btw)

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I wouldn’t be surprised if they said that. In addition to the resources that the villagers collect, I would like to have those statistics to compare different improvements. Hope the developers are interested in this idea.


Some players says a lot o silly things when they have nothing useful to say.

I vouch for this idea too. You can monitor on the fly how to properly balance your economy.

I also would love a double-tap on period to select ALL idle villagers, like in good ol’ Rise of Nations. Being forced to micro five settlers to send them to the same plantation is lame.


shift + double click select all of the same units doing the same thing (idling too)


Hey, didn’t knew that. Thanks for sharing. But a double tap on period would be a little more practical for the purpose of settler management.


There is a hotkey option for selecting all idle villagers, though, by default, it isn’t bound to any key at first. It would have been nice to have a double-tap option, but I find the dedicated hotkey just as convenient.


Oh my. I spent 15 years not knowing this. That’s what you get for not looking on all key biding options. Thanks for the tip!

But back to the suggestion at hand: again, I completely vouch for this resource per second display.


Not sure about exact implementation but this needs to be displayed on the ui somehow.

I should be able to see what my torps/shrines/vills are gathering on a per second basis.


I can see where top players would not like the idea but considering macro is more than just gather per second (it should be tailored to expected usage), I don’t see it as a real issue. Bring it on, I say!


I agree with you.

If it is a problem for the best players, maybe the option can be added if statistics are allowed in the game or not. Able in ranked should not be available. But I don’t see any problem the truth.

I don’t think it will be a “problem” for the best players. I think some might be opposed to it because they may view it as “dumbing down the game.”

Obviously for a good player, it will not affect their gameplay. As such, I’d expect most top players to see past the fear of making the game too “nooby” and see it as another way to make a generally deep game more accessible to the casual player.

A toggle option is a great solution imo.

ive waited 10 years for this is implemented

shines i think is added already, but we dont know how much an animal add, and how much cows or elephatns add on shrines. All this should be added.
there is not any gathering info on torps