Better shift click option and other suggestions

Right now if you are chopping trees and select villagers then shift click a building, they will wait until the entire tree is finished before building anything. Same goes for stone and gold but worse because that takes even longer. The whole point of shift click is to eliminate the amount of micro-managing. Why can’t the villagers just start building after they drop off resources? That’s what players actually want. Waiting minutes for the resource to be depleted before building anything makes no sense.

Also another thing that would be helpful is if you could shift click a gather point. Right now you have to wait until the monk creates in order to shift click it to the relic and back to the monastery. It would be cool if you could shift click a gathering point and then another point and so on. The unit would go to the first point then travel to the second, third, etc. after being created. For most people military and eco are hard enough to manage and would allow people to handle monk positioning while they are thinking about it after building the monastery. The average person forgets about the monk after it is created so it either is idle by the monastery or gets killed while standing at the gather point.

A final suggestion is to have an idle TC icon option on the top bar like the idle villager icon. I know people will say to look at the global que but for many people there are so many things to look at and focus on all at the same time. You could also make the argument that you don’t need the idle villager icon either since you can just press the idle villager hotkey. Also, it can get really cluttered on the global que so sometimes it’s hard to see when there’s a lot of things being created. Advanced and pro players won’t think it’s necessary but I’m sure many people would appreciate it.

Bump it up so devs can see

If you want your villagers to go build a building right away why would you not right click on the lumber camp and then shift click the building you want the to build.
Also unlike idle vills, which you almost never want to have, there are a lot of reasons you might want to idle your tc for a bit which would make an idle tc icon just annoying/distracting.
As for the shift que on gatherpoints, that removes a lot of the skill cap of the game (same reason you can’t shift que a vill to lure a boar), part of making monk is remembering you made a monk.


Because it’s one more step you have to do. I thought that was the purpose of shift click to eliminate the amount of additional steps to manage your villagers. What’s the purpose in waiting until a resource is fully depleted?

It could be an option that you can turn on or off in game to eliminate the distracting effect. I guess it could be similar to the auto-reseeding farm option except for the TC. Turn it on or off when you want to.

Eh I don’t think so as much because if you forget about it, your units will be doing multiple wayward points and could have a lot of single units getting picked off. Managing the gather points will always be better I think.

I think that if you use CTRL instead of shift, it has this behaviour?

I experience the same, but I think after several times you learn to perform the first build command without the shift key, then they move immediately.

A gather point queue is a nice idea, it’s a rather logical way to extend the command queue system and I think it hardly impacts the gameplay. Maybe make it only available for military buildings, including monasteries. It would turn bad for example when you could set an attack-move gather point queue, since it enables easy auto-raiding from several sides.