Better Unit Descriptions (WIP BETA Version 0.6)

Discuss Better Unit Descriptions (WIP BETA Version 0.6)

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Hey guys, happy to finally release the WIP version of my (upcoming?) mod, the Better Units Description mod! I want to thank @Kuoting for allowing me to use his Text Modification mod as a template for this one. It made my life much easier!

I can use your help! Please give this mod a spin, and share your feedback! Let me know what units (other than the native/merc/outlaw/naval/Russian units) you’ve found that are missing updated descriptions! Let me know if you find any typos or missing information, and share your thoughts about the colors, layout, and the mod as a whole!


This is a fantastic idea


Updated to version .85 - Outlaws descriptions have been added in! Check it out and leave me your feedback!

Do note that you may run into one or two weird stylistic quirks that are unavoidable. For example, the Inquisitor is not given the outlaw tag in his mouse-over-unit description, because this description box is shared with the Spy (who is obviously not an outlaw). But feel free to share with me whatever interesting quirks you find or opinions you’ve got!


Updated to .90: Russians have been added, as have some of the mercs. Mercenaries are still in progress, and then we’re looking at more fringe cases (revolutionary units, unique church units, etc.)

Not sure if there’s any point to doing anything on the navy side of things. Thoughts?

Seems a good idea. Will check out this mod. Should be MP friendly?

Yes, every mod in my “Better” series is MP friendly!

Also, mod’s updated to version .95. Mercenaries have been added in. Most units now have entries in place.

any screens of the mod in game? like a few examples of the impoved descriptions?

I’ve shared a few screenshots on the mod page itself. Here’s a quick sneak peek:


I’ve finally hit version 1.0! Revolutionary units added! I may add in info about ships, and I’m sure there’s a few units I’ll need to fix or add, but the mod has hit the scope I originally envisioned for it. Very happy!

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