Better Unit: Paladin or Cataphract

Fair points but in a team game Byz could probably tech to Elite Catas.

Yes, they still counter Elite Logistica Cataphracts in the sense that Halberdiers still have a chunky attack bonus despite the Cataphract bonus armor. But Elite Logistica Cataphracts hit back harder and faster, as Logistica gives a +6 attack bonus vs. infantry alongside the +5 trample damage. Fully upgraded Cataphracts will comfortably win against any Halberdier army up to three times in size with over half total HP remaining. Only a Halberdier army with big cost inefficiency can win against full Cataphracts. It’s better to use Arbalster against Cataphracts. Or better yet, heavier cavalry like Paladin, Stirrups/Farimba Cavalier, Battle Elephants, and some of the unique melee cavalry units.

They also 2shot halbs if the don’t have final armor upgrade, so they wreck goths for example (assuming they get to fu cata)

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I tend to think of Halbs vs Catas the same way I think of Skirms vs Mangudai. IE, better then nothing, j guess, but much less of a hard counter then other matchups.

You are not wrong, but halbs are trash. So they can be massed very easily\

Correct, but a mix of halbs and arbalesters are better

but the point is you’re talking a huge pop difference. what is the byz player doing with all that extra pop? cheap skirms that deal bonus vs halbs.

Same could be said about an arbalester army