Bettings on when the server issues will be fixed

Many people can’t play multiplayer properly, because the servers are somewhat shot.
I want to make some fun bettings, on when the servers will be fixed.
(Fixed to a state before september 1st or better)
Let’s go:

When will the multiplayer server issues be fixed?

  • in >1 day, but less than 2 day
  • in >2 day, but less than 3 day
  • in >3 day, but less than 4 day
  • in >4 day, but less than 6 day
  • in >6 day, but less than 9 day
  • in >9 day, but less than 14 day
  • in >14 day
  • never

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Time refers to the creation of this post.

The fact that people are so unbelieving in the devs that they will actually be willing to vote on something like this is funny. I personally play multiplayer daily, and thankfully haven’t encountered these issues, at least, not yet. I would hope that it fixes for everyone else ASAP.

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Microsoft did sponsor a $25,000 prizepool for the Empire Wars Duos 2 tournament that has its finals this weekend. Hopefully the issues are addressed by then.


MS + Forgotten Empires:
‘They can ok’
Case closed.


The fix is, close multiplayer, and leave the game how it is.


That is the fault of the devs. They just ignore big issues for months after months after months. For example: The TG ratings are broken since release, which is almost 2 years ago and it isnt fix yet for some reason. They really need to work on their priorities.

Completely killing the game seems like the best fix! :clown_face:

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Wait, is it working again, or not?

Not for me at least :cry:

Is that live? I thought it was recorded games played in the past

The plan was to have live games this weekend.

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