Bettings wether the TG ladder will be fixed with the upcoming DLC

Ok, the new DLC is coming August 10th.
I now want to make a betting for fun:

With the dawn of the dukes DLC…
  • …the alt-f4 and smurfing issue will be adressed
  • …at least one of the alt-f4 or smurfing issue will not be adressed

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OFC they don’t address anything - What do you expect from a developer who need more created more hotfixes than actual patches

Just think nothing will change. At least you don’t get disappointed then 11

Kind of a pointless thread this one. It would take some pretty major work on its own to even begin to fix any of these issues. So obviously, no it won’t be part of the DLC.

Seems like visual content has an higher priority compared to actual fixing multiplayer. I am pretty sure we can draw this conclusion after the patch notes are released.

I hope at least one of these issues will be fixed, but i think none will be fixed.

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Resetting the elo would already help a lot and i don’t think that would be too much work.

Resetting a ladder based on a flawed calculation wont really help anything. The result would be a new ladder that takes multiple weeks to settle and will up flawed again.

They need to reset te ladder after they fixed the calcultion. Doing it now and after the fix doesnt really make any sense to me.

I saw the patch notes in the official post before being removed and guess what…not a single word about it.

Guess they would need to pay too much for engineers to fix it.
They only want to afford Viet people doing the models and some voice-over freelancers.

From the patch notes:

Alt+F4 & Queue Dodging: As a progress report, we’re continuing work on our solution for this and intend to push it Live as soon as it’s ready (and we’re as anxious as you are).



Only solution are ranked player lobbies, like we had for 10 years and was prove of concept. Anything that doesnt have as much Information as the Voobly Lobby System is insufficent as they coded this with like what? 1% of their budget?

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Well they don’t care, that’s for sure.

92% accuracy

i applaud you
:clap: :clap:

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As expected nothing got fixed in this patch.

Why do we need to go back to an inferior system? Match making is far superior to a lobby. MM in it’s current for has also it’s drawbacks. They just need to fix those drawbacks.

This argument over and over while it has been proven false since DE release, just look at how many complains ever since specially for team games, it doesn’t work, this is not cs go or a boring moba, this game is more strategical and time consuming, so having strong preferences on the maps is heavily underestimated by the devs and low elo players, but for competitive players it has only caused a bad experience to a point of leaving the game.

You can go around the current system and even enforcing more nasty maps and aberration as teams, that will only increase the negativity towards the game.

There are hundreds of players complaining about the maps and the unfair teams, but the devs somehow just read 30 guys asking for a civ and they deliver…

The easiest way to fix everything is by using the old proven work ranked lobby system for team games, MM has only worked for 1x1 and that’s it, don’t let me start with MM tg empire wars.

Voobly never experienced such issue, cause no one was enforcing the players to play maps and allies or even enemies they never wanted to, there is a point to acknowledge failure, if the devs stick with their impositions, things won’t end well for everyone.