BF Arena Nomad are not good for Ranked games

the concept of BF, Arena -> Block -> all in play
Nomad -> too many time unfair game

please disgard

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Yes they are.

But this isn’t.

Nomad is way too random for ranked games. Villagers fighting is no fun at all. And People rarely host this map in the unranked lobby. I don’t see any reason to keep it in the pool.

Replace Nomad with Coastal or Continental if you want some mixed maps. They are much more popular than Nomad according to my observation.

Ghost Lake, Valley was very cool during 1st season

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I mean using the mixed maps (maps including water. e.g. Coastal, Scandinavia, etc) to replace Nomad because Nomad is a mixed map.

Of course Ghost Lake and Valley are good maps. They are great choices for the open land maps in the ranked pool.

Based on almost 2 million recs gathered on, nomad is the second most popular map hosted in lobbies. It accounts for 10% of all games played.

This data is from Voobly in the vast majority, because DE doesn’t provide with a rec database. But the point still stands, Nomad is one of the most popular maps in the game, specially for TG at levels when vil fights are frowned upon.

Meanwhile Coastal and Continental combined make up for less than 1% of the games. It’s not even close in terms of popularity.


But In this time, many of BF Nomad Arena users are not playing normal games(Arabia).

Each map users are independent at that time.

But now? they are in ladder. of normal games

that’s main problem of now

above 60% users are playing many types of Arabia.

They are suffering from minor map users’s preferences

U can see one of arabia ex.
HC2 Arabia = Black foresest = Nomad were same

It is now. many open ladder map users are sacrificed their freedom

DE is DE. Voobly is voobly.
The fact is the majority don’t like this map now.

And no matter how popular Nomad was, it can’t change the truth that it is not a good map for ranked games.

That’s just you making baseless claims. You said Nomad is not a popular map, I gave you evidence that yes, it has been one of the four most popular maps in AoE2 for years. If you have evidence that indeed suddenly people don’t like it, then please share it.

And it’s suited for ranked games. Not so much for 1v1 that’s true, but for TG it’s very fun. Maybe not everyone enjoys it, but then again the same applies to BF, Islands or Arena.


not fun. it was meanless and timeless play cuz i can’t see their base. So the game is just gambling. not better than rock, scissors and papar, RSP is definitely better cuz it can save game BF and arena

Open the game and count the rooms yourself. Nomad was popular for years in voobly, so what? Go play voobly then.

And no. It is no fun at all and it is not suitable for any ranked game. Nomad is just a special version of Coastal, but with inconsistent start. And its crazy randomness make it no fair for ranked games. Some of the best pros ban this map because of that.

I don’t understand why you love to waste the time to build a new TC from zero and enjoy those stupid villiagers fight. But I hate it. And the majority don’t like it either. Coastal is much popular than Nomad now. Just admit the truth.

Nomad is very much a fun map and I enjoy it thoroughly, but I do believe it is not a good MM map since too much luck is involved with it, instead of skill, even creativity is a skill in this game too but if you are given totally unequal starting conditions, how can you say the better player won?

However Arena, BF and Islands and the rest aren’t based on luck any more than Arabia so they are completely fine, just people have too much bias towards their precious Arabia so every map that has a differing meta from it just s*cks to them, and so it’s not a point of discussion and should have zero weight on the mappool decisions. Nonetheless, I’ll enjoy my nomad games still as long as they’ll be in the MM, when I happen to get them.

Nomad is a great map for ranked. In fact, it’s pure random. I see Arabia maps with gold and such resources based on luck as well - either well within range or 2 fwd gold piles.

â– â– â– â– , Viper is the luckiest player when it comes to Arabia maps and its gold placement as well as the forest coverage.

So many ways to play nomad with its randomness. Best map out there.

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