Big performance issue

Hello. I am a bit confused and frustrated and sad.

I pre-ordered the game and installed it and when i wanted to run the game the game told me to update my driver - this doesn’t happen normally and when i read this is an AMD issue i was releaved cause i use NVIDIA.

But then the game told me to run the game on low settings for performance. I thought thats a joke right? I bought a mid-class gaming laptop this year with a geforce gtx 1650 ti and 16 GB RAM. so i thought mid settings should be doable. but the game lagged, fps dropped very frequently and automatic loading too the game about 20-30 seconds. i was pissed because the graphic also wasn’t that high quality on mid settings as i hoped they would be. so i lowered the settings to low all across the board.
but run way smoother even i feel now playing a 2012-14 game (beside the cool animations and physics) but it still laggs when i have more than 100 units (and some ppl complained about 200 are too low lmfao 500 would break my pc it seems)

i honestly don’t know what i did wrong or whats the problem

a guy i chatted with today told me he has an amd 1050 ti and also 16 GB and he can play on ultra seetings relativ smoothly.

i was about to give the game a relative bad review

(beside again the soundwork, voiceacting, details, animations and the campagne they all are amazing but doesn’t help if the gameplay itself - the biggest part - suffers and is neither fluid nor on a quality i would expect to play on)

but before i give a review i want to ask the the ppl here and the support/devs what i am doing wrong or what the issue might be.

greetings and have a good day

Dunno whats your processor is but I am also running the game on GTX1650Ti (which is just slightly better version of 1050Ti sadly). I did update the driver as they said to the latest one and the game runs OK on medium image quality. I also have 16GB of RAM (upgraded myself).

Maybe consider restarting the computer and playing the game immediately after the restart? This solves some weird but less impactful performance issues on my computer.