Big Problem with Xbox Version

I just downloaded the Xbox version of Age IV excited to try out the controller layout, but I was super disheartened to see that my account on Xbox and on PC are completely separate.

I’ve played on Steam since the beta, but I’ve always made sure that my Steam account was linked to my Xbox account, and I had assumed that, because they’re linked, my account would carry over to the console version of the game. Unfortunately, it does not. All that I’ve unlocked/accomplished during my time on PC is irrelevant to the console version of the game.

Is there any chance we could use the same account between platforms? I understand the argument that mouse/keyboard and controller is unfair in multiplayer, but that can be fixed by having separate queues for each control style.

AS long as you have the same gamertag progress will transffer , it says on the faq.

I don’t see where this may be, do you have a link to the FAQ where this is mentioned? My assumption would be that the Xbox version would recognize that my Microsoft/Xbox account already has a profile linked to it for this game and use that one, but that is not the case. It made me a whole new account instead.

EDIT: I’ve found the FAQ that you’re referring to, no need to link it here. I’ll try to find support for it elsewhere, maybe it’s a bug.

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Steam game accounts can’t be transferable to Xbox.

If you have game account from Microsoft store PC version, it can be used on xbox console as long you login with same gamertag.