Biggest bug i have ever found in this Game


I have today play with my Women and found this bug.

I have start the game with 500 gold. The Gold that you see is 365+45+45+45=500 Gold, well i have make Archer Elephant.

when you now train the units like this

an delete the Archer Elephant you become +125 Gold for free

This is free Gold when you will. I dont know this work with another Units but with Archers Elephant it work.

You loose with this Food and Wood and you win Gold

Sry for my bad English.
Please FIX THIS and please make for the next update a BETA

See you,

Edit: Its works with all Gold Units, you need at first 2x no gold unit and than 2x Gold Unit and 2x no gold units, than delete the Gold unit and you become free Gold and loose food or wood


Weird - sounds like it refunds the wrong unit I guess when you cancel

You have right, you become the Ressource from the false Unit

PLZ,fix the bug。Otherise it will destroy the game

I just had a bit of a play with this. This bug is not isolated to the gold units, looks like it’s a problem with cancelling units in a mixed unit production queue. And there has only been mixed unit queues since the update in February.

From what i found, I think the bug is as follows:
For a mixed combination of units in a production queue on any given building, selecting a unit in the queue to cancel always deletes the last unit in the queue instead of the unit selected, BUT refunds the cost of the unit selected. As a result of the incorrect cancelling, you end up with incorrect resource refunds.

So at the moment, it looks as if there is no way to cancel a unit in the middle of a mixed unit production queue and if you try, it messes up the resources.

Mixed tech queue cancelling seems to function correctly.


The people who know about this bug can abuse it and cheat basically. I hope microsoft fixes it as end game is destroyed with this. I mean why make scythes when you can make cataphrats :frowning: We should tell microsoft but remove this post so people dont see it and abuse it.

Looks like this bug has been fixed in update 10 released in the last day. (build 22960)
Thank you to those who took notice and fixed it.

I have seen a bug where the screen will glitch on me because my resolution size is larger than the recommended resolution size