Black Forest. Love it or Hate it?

Hey guys, what do you think about black forest map in AOE2. It is the most popular, especially in team games. However, in 1v1, black forest is hated. It is perhaps one of the most popular to ban. Whenever i play ranked 1v1 when BF is chosen the opponent almost always quits. What do you think about BF? please share why you love it or hate it.

Do you…

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Thick German Cake^^^^^^


Not my favorite, but lately i like it more than I used to. Everything is good forme, except arena. Anyway, I would like other maps to get popularity (yucatan, mediterranean, Serengeti, gold rush, mongolia, escandinavia…)


Depends. Do I get three extra wolves or three extra boar?


I love it. I wish more people played it on public lobbies.

I wish it wasn’t always played explored

I like it but I think its not for competitive play (so bad is it in the ladder), its just a chill map (where I have put thousands of hours :kissing_smiling_eyes:)

I like tree maps, but I’m not a fan of the artificial pathways and choke points created by trees in Black Forest.

Hope they bring BF back to 1v1, noobs like play it

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I don’t like black forest. The boars are very poorly distributed and the choke points lead to long standoffs. I banned the map after the first time that i played it when i was given 5 boars and my opponent had 2.

Neither. I preffer open maps, and I preffer Yucatan over BF that being said, I preffer BF over arena. BF it’s a map i don’t mind to play from time to time

It is actually - Green Forest, not Black. It is not very scary to call it Black forest.

Beside that, The maps- Black forest, together with Arena and Islands are good for New players, Noobs. They are easy to defend.