Black Screen and Delayed Crash on Startup

On starting the game, I get a blackscreen. From this screen I am able to alt-tab, but no other inputs seem to influence the game at all. After a minute or two the game then crashes/exits. I’ve reinstalled, updated windows and tried to start the game with the NoStartUp launch option. I believe starting the game windowed may help, but I’m not sure how I can do that.

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Did you check the crash on startup solutions here?

did a clean install of my graphics drivers and it’s all good! thank you for the help man

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Great you got it resolved. When I suspect problem with a video driver I usually remove everything regarding that GPU manufacturer and first fallback to Windows delivered WHQL drivers by searching for updates through device manager. Only if those don’t work properly I move over to download the latest version at the GPU manufacturer. Sometimes the Windows WHQL delivered drivers just work more stable. Especially on older systems and from the time Nvidia started to push their GeForce experience including forcing you to create an online account I prefer the Windows maintained WHQL versions.