Black Screen

When i Start the game , it loads but i only get a black screen tho , i can heard the music and sounds when I click on something

Initializing Time System
Initializing Command Line
Constant Logging is OFF
Verbose Logging is OFF
Startup is being logged
Age of Empires II DE start at 2019-12-20T18:46:54.948Z
Build version: 101.101.34223.0
Build config: Final Steam D3D11, built on GPSBUILD014, at 2019-12-18T23:33:02
DirectX Setup is being logged
Initializing Performance Profiler
Gathering System Information
Processor architecture: x64 (AMD or Intel) type 86/x64
Processor level 6, revision 36361
Number of processors = 4
Multi core processor #0, efficiency class 0, 1 groups
Processor group 0, affinity 0x3
L1 data cache: line size=64 bytes, size=32768 bytes, affinity=0x3, group=0
L1 instruction cache: line size=64 bytes, size=32768 bytes, affinity=0x3, group=0
L2 unified cache: line size=64 bytes, size=262144 bytes, affinity=0x3, group=0
L3 unified cache: line size=64 bytes, size=4194304 bytes, affinity=0xf, group=0
Multi core processor #1, efficiency class 0, 1 groups
Processor group 0, affinity 0xc
L1 data cache: line size=64 bytes, size=32768 bytes, affinity=0xc, group=0
L1 instruction cache: line size=64 bytes, size=32768 bytes, affinity=0xc, group=0
L2 unified cache: line size=64 bytes, size=262144 bytes, affinity=0xc, group=0
NUMA Node #0
Group max: 1, active groups: 1
Group #0, 4/4 active processors, affinity mask:0xf
Total physical memory is 12.000 GB
Maximum system memory: 11.918 GB currently available:6.832 GB
Primary display resolution is 1366x768, desktop size is 1386x788
Graphics Adapter Name: AMD Radeon ™ R7 M340
Adapter LUID: 00000000:00016020
Vendor: 4098 device ID:26880 subsys ID:2200637500 rev:131
Dedicated VRAM: 2038.98 MB
Dedicated system RAM: 0.00 MB
Shared RAM: 6102.46 MB
System has no battery
Battery saver is OFF
Benchmark quad write: 0.995067 milliseconds == 12059.49 MB/s
Benchmark fast write: 0.937233 milliseconds == 12803.64 MB/s
Benchmark slow write: 0.920400 milliseconds == 13037.81 MB/s
CPU rating: 14803.6, GPU rating: 2039.0
Initializing Telemetry Manager
Initializing Time System
Setting Up Systems
Initializing Registry Options
Setting Program Defaults
Setting up main window
Initializing Reflect
Register Classes
Initializing Speech Synthesis
Initializing Achievement Manager
Initializing UI Widget Manager
Initializing Campaign File Type
Initializing SP Savegame File Type
Initializing MP Savegame File Type
Initializing Random Map File Type
Initializing Random Map Group Manager
Initializing Scenario File Type
Initializing Wwise Manager
Initializing Civilization
Initializing Error Handler
Initializing File System
Initializing DLC Manager
Initializing Steam System
Initializing Tool Manager
Initializing Mod Manager
Initializing Loggg System
Initializing Time System
Initializing UI System
Initializing Additional Options
Initializing Localization Manager
Initializing Font Manager
Initializing Terrain
Initializing Game Version Manager
Initializing FPS Control
Initializing Difficulty
Initializing Game Mode
Initializing Player Profile Manager
Initializing Update Manager
Initializing Panel System
Initializing Screen Stack
Initializing Sync Logger
Initializing Random Manager
Initializing Network speed Data
This Steam account 76561198190132422 is online
Active Launch Options: none
Initializing Game
Setting up graphics
Setting up mouse
Setting up screen
Setting up chat
Setting up comm handler
Setting version info: app = 34223 data = 0 mod = 0 version = 56950784
Setup mod manager
Setup post mod manager
Installing modded languages
Opening resource packages
Setting up palettes
Setting up shapes
Setting up save map area
Setting up sound system
Setting up screen resolution
Available resolutions:1366x768, 1360x768, 1280x768, 1280x720, 1024x768
Recommended settings:
resolution: 1366 x 768
downscale percentage = 100
high-resolution assets = YES
antialiasing = YES
fog = YES, animatedFogBorder = YES
edge-blur = YES
bloom = YES
vsync = NO
File System Ready
Loading player profile
Setting up hotkeys
Launching intro video AOEIIDE_TITLEVIDEO
Skipping video due to commandline
Closing video
Setting up interface messages
Total Initialization Time: 18547 ms
Running Game
Total Texture Load Time: 0 ms
Closing video
TDrawSystemD3D11::Paint: Present failed, hresult = 80070057
Flushing pending telemetry events
Terminating Game normally
Terminating UI Widget Manager
Terminating Network speed Data
Terminating Random Manager
Terminating Sync Logger
Terminating Screen Stack
Terminating Panel System
Terminating Update Manager
Terminating Player Profile Manager
Terminating Game Mode
Terminating Difficulty
Terminating FPS Control
Terminating Game Version Manager
Terminating Terrain
Terminating Font Manager
Terminating Localization Manager
Terminating Additional Options
Terminating UI System
Terminating Time System
Terminating Loggg System
Terminating Mod Manager
Terminating Tool Manager
Terminating Steam System
Terminating DLC Manager
Terminating File System
Terminating Error Handler
Terminating Scenario File Type
Terminating Random Map Group Manager
Terminating Random Map File Type
Terminating MP Savegame File Type
Terminating SP Savegame File Type
Terminating Campaign File Type
Terminating Civilization
Terminating Wwise Manager
Terminating Speech Synthesis
Terminating Achievement Manager
Terminating Command Line
Terminating Reflect
Terminating Registry Options
Exiting with code 0

Are you on the latest patch 34223?

Yes and its fixed now for some reason , also the performance kinda decreased

Can you give details on how the performance decreased?