Blacksmiths Repair Armor?

Some units survive a battle with obuch. Would it be too much to consider that blacksmith’s repair armor of nearby units for free of course? Slowly, their armor restores by one every 10 seconds. This is a economic way to repair armor without having to use a monk. A monk cost 100 gold.

A perfect example I want to repair my group of paladins, without being forced to make a bunch of monks to heal them.

Also factor, the obuch armor chipping ability greatly exceeds the speed of the repair rate of the blacksmith.


Maybe have Blacksmith gain this effect only against civs that ignore or reduce amour.

But it’s only relevant in the specific use case against the Obuch? Not against armor piercing? And you can’t rule out the scenario editor/campaigns giving Obuch to civs other than Poles.

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You can always heal them inside castles, especially if your civ has herbal medicine.