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Why does Britts get 10 mills and 3 estates in :zap:blitz-treaty, shouldnt it be the other way around?

No. They’re a beef and mutton enjoying civ.

March 06, 2023 Update:

  • rearranged all civ’s villagers and/or eco buildings
  • fixed the uncharged Inca Community Plaza BB
  • ensured more space around the TC
  • restored Germany’s 23 Settler Wagon overpop
  • added 1 estate for France
  • added 2 shipments for India
  • added 20 sheep for Spain
  • Haudenosaunee now starts with fully fattened cows
  • removed duplicate treaty timer when the treaty lobby setting is enabled
  • fixed an issue where native sockets weren’t buildable during the treaty period in 3v3/3v4

In yesterday’s update, u did mention that–‘restricted Hanover alliance for Germans using the Prince-Electors card and the British Imperial politician providing 6 Drummers’.

BUT it turns out that the Hanover alliance for Germans just the same as before, while the British 6 Drummers were banned.
THX for the work, but maybe this is unfair.

Corrected the issue causing that. I forgot that the homecity card overrides the trigger making the tech unobtainable so I had to adjust the trigger.


Mexicans’ AGE IV card ‘San Marcos Fair’ doesn’t work as expected. In normal NR40 games, this card will ships u 21 cows which ignores the build limit at 35min/24 cows at 40min and so on.
Mexico’s economy is already nerfed in BLITZ, maybe there’s no need and no reason to nerf this card. See many cows work in Hacienda is a kind of enjoyment.

Hi there,

There’s no need to make assumptions in your feedback and be over critical/destructive.

Blitz is based around the meta and relies on community feedback. This card wasn’t considered since it’s not meta. That being said, I’m all for enabling things that are off meta as much as possible within the limits of Blitz.

I can look into a solution so this card works appropriately in Blitz.


Thank you very much for your work and contribution, even if this card is not an important matter or meta in BLITZ. And I’m sorry to make that naive assumptions in my feedback which may bother u. I love this mod and glad to hear any improvement. THX again.

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