Block list & Team games

Hi there,

Can we please not get paired up with someone we have on our block list? I had the unfortunate situation where I played 3 times with the same teammate, even though I blocked him on our first game.

Sounds logical, no?



You cant block people in the matchmake… you on the other hand can report people if you think there are reasons for, this way they may be banned or warned and stop their behavior

I understand you cant. Thats exactly what I am asking for.

In this instance I dont think there is a reason for the player to be banned or warned, but I dont want to have him as my teammate, thats all. I did not have a good experience playing with him and would rather not repeat it.

It sounds only reasonable to me.

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Blocking only prevents the person from being able to communicate with you? They can still play on your team or opposing team?

Yes. It blocks chat, thats all.

Sounds like a reasonable request, but I doubt DE team would ever implement that, when they take one year to fix even basic bugs