Block Player in-game

Besides I want to check other players profiles like rating and such I really want to block some players. Some players refuse to resign and then you have to search all map for villagers. Like aoe1 in old times. That’s totaly wasted time.

I think i need to understand what you mean excactly.

You wish to block a person so you cant meet him in ranked match making again?
If so, that cant be implemented because it would get abused and make the system unstable.

Imagine players banning anyone they lost to because they prefer to win.

Just get the Spies technology and you can see all their units and easily kill them.

Difficult topic, we had a nomad player on HD who immediately quited the game if he doesn’t like his starting position. Than again he can create a family account and join games with different id or even buy the game again.

I would rather want some mods to do the banning.

This works fine on Voobly. You have a limited amount of blocks to add to your ignore list so that you can avoid toxic players. A player with excessive blocks can be flagged for a moderator to contact. It’s a pretty basic feature that DE is lacking.