I stopped playing this game (legit and honestly) because there is no blood shown.

For goodness sake, put BLOOD in this game.

Do it AoE II style, do it AoE III style (best imo), do it AoM style, do it Ancestor’s Legacy style, do it Total war, Chivalry, Bannerlord, Call of Duty style. Do it however you want.

I want to see people’s head, arms, and legs coming off and flying into the sky when hit by a cannonball,
I want the little soldiers screaming as they experience excruciating deaths,
I want to see blood spill like 2 gallons of blood in sprinkle form, in puring form, in splash form, and for the soldiers that killed, for their armors and weapons to get bloodily covered in blood as well.


I’ve bled throughout childhood and adulthood playing sports and competing in contact sports, from soccer, track, football, MMA, wrestling, judo, jiu-jitsu - guess what, when u get hit, right angle, you BLEED.

I wanna feel immersed when I play the game, How can I feel immersed when I just bombarded a full line of infantry and they just fell like ragdolls with no BLOOD !?!?

And if you’re so sore to add blood because kids play this game, add an adult setting that lets us turn blood ON!!


Age 2 had blood and corpses but it doesn’t have head, arms, and legs coming off and flying into the sky… I do agree that AGE IV has to respect legacy and I am not sure why they removed it, kids don’t play RTS anymore… But the level of gore you are asking is not part of age.


Indeed, blood is a crucial part of many successful games in the modern gaming industry.

I couldn’t have said it better!
They really don’t respect the legacy

When I play COD, Total War, AOEIIDE, Ancestor’s Legacy, GTAV, RDR2, UFC4, etc. they all have blood, and really makes sense that I am dealing damage and hurting my enemies. And it also creates an incredible scenery.

I swear, kids don’t play AOEIV, mostly above 15, they know what is blood.
Therefore, just make the blood DLC or an optional thing in the setting where adults can turn it on.
A game with fights and battles needs blood, or it is pointless and not immersive.

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Uh… while I definitely like to have some blood, I’m sure they won’t add gore and splatter elements as the series traditionally was rated T for Teen, even AoE 3 with the physics:

I’m pretty sure they don’t want to suddenly go for the M-Rating.

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