Blue Screen graphical error on ancient spires

Got a graphical glitch where my entire screen went blue so I literally couldn’t play :frowning: Most of the screen went blue other than a few outlines of hill gradients and then after 1 min or so everything blue. Not a crash blue screen, but literally just all the screen was blue but I could still hear the game, feel the clicks/hotkeys and still able to type in chat (from sound cues assumed it was working). Could still alt tab and run any other program fine, so just seems to be aoe4 and had to alt f4 to get out of the game as can’t see the menu through the blue

Happened on Ancient Spires playing as HRE vs Chinese, so not sure if its a new bug with that map/civ update but was quite frustrating. Don’t think there was any specific trigger, was just moving my scout when it happened. Was about 8 min into game with both players triple dock booming and was quite frustrating to have that happen mid game.

Running on a laptop so granted I don’t have the best graphics/computer but I’ve played around 200 games so far in MP without a problem ever! Would appreciate if this could be looked into!

Thank you for the report @TheImperian! If you had graphics drivers completely up-to-date (that really will fix a lot of things!) and still saw this, please do contact support here with your DxDiag and warnings.log file. We’d really appreciate it!