Blurry Graphics!

Please fix this issue. I remember the game was so well defined and looked during the “Closed Beta” much better than the release version.

Right now, I cannot even zoom-in to see the details of the units, and everything looks like washed up. Clearly poor texture or something wrong is happening.

I am playing on Ultra settings, with Anti-Aliasing “OFF” which makes it a little better and at a 100% resolution scale.

I noticed a lot of people complaining about this on the Steam “Discussions Board”.
Please fix this!
I have very sensitive eye and is very difficult for me to play this game.

Kind regards,


Agree with this, graphics looked sharper in the beta. No idea what happened. Community has consensus here.


Something does seem off about the texture sharpness. I recall AoE3 DE having a similar bug related to anti aliasing. I hope it can be improved.