Boar bug with TC fire

Game Version:

  • Build: 101.101.36906.0.4941835 (but it’s been happening on old builds)
  • Platform: Steam
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Gamertag: simt0m


The TC stops firing at the boar without ejecting vills. Initially I thought I was misclicking a hotkey to stop TC fire, but now I’m able to recreate the problem and I’m not hitting any hotkey other than my control group for the TC and the villager being chased.

Reproduction Steps:

Here’s how to reproduce the problem:

  1. Lure a boar
  2. Garrison villagers to attack boar. (6 vill for 2 shots, 4 vill for 3 shots)
  3. Select the villager being chased and give it a move command

I made a short video of it here:


It won’t let me attach a recorded game of it here.


This is probably intended in order to prevent players losing boar meat because of TC fire. Good feature :+1:

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It’s not a feature because it happens very rarely and not to prevent overkill on the boar. You will still lose the boar meat 99% of the time if you mess up.

Try it yourself, it’s not that easy to recreate, but when it does happen in a real game you mess up because you’re not expecting it.


Watch the video. It’s clearly not a “good feature” if it’s inconsistent and results in losing vills.

You are right, it is a bug that this behavior is not consistent. I stopped watching video after first part, so I didn’t see, that behavior is not consistent. You should have mentioned it in your post though, that it is inconsistent.

I think, that TC should always avoid shooting the boar in order to avoid loss of meat.

That just removes the skill of using your TC to shoot the boar. It’s risk vs reward - if you don’t want to lose meat just shoot it normally but lose a bit of HP on your vills.


This bug still exists. Here’s a clip of it from a vod I was watching. Notice the tc stopped firing and he had to right click the elephant again to resume.


If this is not a bug someone needs to explain how to stop the TC fire intentionally without ejecting vills. Otherwise it should be sent to the known bugs and issues.

Boar TC Bug Gif

Bumping this after a quick test.

Replicated through creating a villager at the same time as shooting the boar with a TC. It seems like the villager creation resets the TC attack target, causing it to stop firing. Weirdly this only happens when you’ve got more than one villager queued (one villager creation causes the TC to keep firing as normal, as seen in last example in video).


cool. now that it can be easily reproduced this will hopefully be fixed.

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creation of any unit reset any action. not sure if this is intended but if they can continue to do what they are actioned to do without stopping while asked to train vills that would be great.

Just noticed that the gif version of the video cut off most of the example, and annoyingly I don’t have the save rec file (can recreate if needed though).

In any case, just to clarify from what it was meant to show - when a villager comes out of it, the TC stops firing when there are two or more villagers queued up. Presumably the TC targeting gets reset when it moves on to create the next villager in the queue.

thanks to all of you for reporting this bug. We will look into it!