Boar/Ele/Rhino lame behavior

Hello, What do you think of give these animals the ability to attack strongly the palisades just in case of pursuing a villager who attacked it?
Mainly thinking in the lame strat of walling the own village and kill the animal. At least make ir more difficult, or attention required.


Good idea, one way to reduce 0 skilled lamers.


has anyone noticed that it has become impossible to lame with scouts?

It is very easy.

  1. Be lucky, find enemy boar
  2. Click on boar twice
  3. Run, don’t go far away from the boar
  4. Eat the boar

Game ruined


Yes this seem to not working anymore after about 10 tiles.

No, I tested it and laming still works.

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Laming is part of the game since 1999
Why you want to get rid of it?
It is hard enough to lame your own boars already (Low ELO), it would take a lot of skills to take the enemy boars

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Lot of skills? Hahahah it is the most RNG part of the game. Anyone who is not bad at this game can take a boar pretty easily.

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If it is so easy and risk free then why doesn’t everyone try to do it every game on ladder? Why pros don’t do it every single time they’re on stream to amuse their audiences?

Have you done it before? Why don’t you show us, at least, 12 recordings of matches against above average players where you successfully lamed an enemy boar, brought it home, and you did not mess up your eco or lose a villager in the proccess?

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Because it is considered unfair, bad sportsmanship and toxic. Don’t you know about the mbl-Hera drama? Sorry, I’m not a moron, I never lame Boar/Sheep, I usually X if I find enemy Sheep. People just can’t play the game at a decent level (~1500) if they fail laming a boar. - Using your army while booming or micro are much harder than clicking on your TC and Boar every 4 seconds.

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I don’t care about mbl hera drama. That happened years ago and Hera overreacted, but it’s also over.

The only reason you bring up old drama is because you’re salty over something that happens very ocasionally and you’re already out of arguments.

Laming boar is part of the game, is completely avoidable and counterable, if unfair it is no more unfair than civ matchups, and map generation, which has a much bigger impact in most games and not just a few of them, but no matches are fair or equal.


Hopefully the Laming in AOE3 isn’t a thing.

You can’t lame huntables and herdables don’t matter too much but you can steal treasures from the opponent. But it doesn’t seem to be thought as bad sportmanship, AoE3 players do that all the time to each other.

You wouldn’t need to take the risk as a player who has the better default start. Push deer, secure all your resources. Certainly you can go for a steal but it doesn’t change your game situation all that much, you go from having an advantage to having a bigger advantage, and it could cost you hp in the scout war. The player with the worse economy is better incentivized to do so. Ntm, having better scouting around your area has it’s own benefits and such (like finding your own resources which can sometimes be on the tip edges of the spawn varability)

As for RNG, yeah, them’s the breaks when you have a game with randomized map seeds. Obviously it does more good than harm, or else we wouldn’t be here talking about laming multiple decades later.

That makes sense, but conversely the Korean also has more to lose. They’re already behind, if the lame fails they lose even harder and are even further behind. When they should have been doing a build efficiently to catch up with the mongol being ahead.

Its like the thing that poor people think they should gamble because they have more to gain. When conversely it is the rich people that can afford the loss associated with gambling.

If the mongol fails the lame, they aren’t worse off than the Korean, so from an odds perspective they should be laming more often,since they have less to lose.

Hera disagrees with you, and so do I. The best way to play well at the highest level is to utilize consistently good strategies with a high return on investment, not to depend on spike plays with variable success. Going for a civ with a very solid gameplan that is all about good execution and proper play, then throwing that out the window for the sake of the boar steal isn’t wise.

The large majority of players do not practice for having an extra stolen boar and that’ll include the best of the best. Certainly it’s a nice bonus but it’s all the same as playing a new civ with a unique eco bonus. You’ll have an edge but finding a way to properly exploit that edge on the fly is a matter of intuition and innovation. The real imbalance, of course, is suffered by the defender in this scenario, with the same requisite improvisation and no meaningful edge.

That’s why it’s more valuable for the player who has the worse civ to go for the steal. Not to improve your own start (it helps but it’s not that simple), but to hamper the set play of your enemy. You’re way more likely to decisively disrupt a tight build order on a civ that can actually manage one.

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Laming is counterable. Just need to know the map gen rules and scout properly.
Even if you fail, having a full hp scout over a half hp scout is also a massive bonus. If you use it properly you can end the game. That’s I think the bigget reason most pros don’t lame. full hp scout is worth more than a pig. for food just push deer and build order doesn’t have to change at all.


Assuming your deer aren’t behind a forest. And not everyone can push 4 deer and still do other things like fend off a drush… Its easier to lame than it is to push 4 deer reliably.

You can totally lame huntables in AoE3, you just need to be Japanese and build shrines next to them(they cannot hunt them until they destroy the shrine)

I guess you could also do it with two settlers forward and just shoot them all without harvesting but that doesn’t seem cost effective, it is possible though and the enemy will still lose most of the food to decay, you just don’t see people doing it because it’s costing you way more with idle time to do that than how much it is going to slow down their start

fend off a drush?? After being lamed?
You’re telling me you’re going to end up in a game against someone who is so much better than you that they can steal your pig, maintain villiger production and avoid idles while doing it, send a vill to gold, take vill off gold, build a barracks while all this is happening, get a drush to your base in time, and then be able to do damage with 3 millitia and a half hp scout against a full hp scout and vills, and you can’t get a deer in in that time?

Also I don’t understand how you say laming is easier that pushing deer. I can consistently push deer (even if they’re behind trees) and so can everyone I play against. In my last 100 games I think someone has tried to steal my pig about 7 times, but I only remember twice that they succeeded. Every time I’ve been lamed, whether it worked or not, I’ve won.

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