Boar isn't always lured by 1 hit (with fix?)

Game Version:

  • Build: latest
  • Platform: Steam
  • Operating System: Windows 10


Boar isn’t always lured with 1 hit and i believe it is just because of its LOS which is very low and perhaps it should be increased to be the a little bit more than that of a villager in dark age.

Reproduction Steps:

Here’s how to reproduce the problem:

  1. Lure boar
  2. Sometimes it isn’t lured with 1 hit
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I think this is an intended feature – wild animals (boar, wolves, etc) only chase units within their line of sight. This is also why it’s so hard to lame an opponent’s boar with your scout unless you’re microing the whole time – if your scout aggros it, it cannot run too fast or the boar will lose sight of the scout.

This also means, for your villager, if it leaves too quickly then the boar will lose sight of the villager. It wasn’t previously a problem in the two-shot case because the boar starts running earlier and most players didn’t start moving their villager until after the second shot, and the boar is faster than the villager. I would suggest, when luring the boar, to wait a fraction of a second after the villager fires the shot before moving the villager. Your suggestion is also a good suggestion; it’ll prevent this issue, although it will also make it slightly easier for scouts to steal boars and harder for enemy scouts to block boar luring/stealing.

I think the new DE Learn to Play scenarios actually mention this briefly when teaching how to lure a boar (shoot once and then make sure to remain in the boar’s LOS as the villager retreats back to the TC), although I don’t remember exactly whether that was mentioned. If it’s not mentioned, maybe that could be something added in the tutorial. I did notice the developers added something where if you lure the boar with your scout in the tutorial, it will give you a warning about the dangers of luring with your scout and what to be careful of.

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i didn’t think of that but they could just slow the boar a bit (like it was before?)

Boars had more LOS in HD

yeah, i recall they reduced for the reason straw said. But the new 1 hit lure is contradictory with this change.

It’s really not that hard to get 1 tile closer or wait a second; if that’s too difficult just shoot it twice. If the boar’s LOS was increased it would make laming easier which I don’t think is good considering people are already complaining that laming is OP.

The issue is fixable if the boar speed is reduced

Sure, why not start with the boars under the TCs too make it even more easier to or make laming easiert aswell

Why introducing the mechanism that they can be lured with 1 ht then?

Because its easier? You shoot, wait 0,5 seconds and then go back while ealier it was more tricky.
If you cant do that and send vill instant back after he shot, its just your fault.

They are also other things that need to be put together and so the boar LOS was reduced to make laming harder.