Hey guys, I was playing as the Vikings the other day, and I was thinking about the Bogsveigar tech. So it gives +1 attack to arbs, but does this compensate for the lower accuracy and the slower firing since they don’t get thumb ring? Has anyone tested this to understand the extent to which this technology is useful and/or makes up for the loss of thumb ring? Any help is appreciated!

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SotL did a nice video on it, I believe that he can explain it better than me.

I believe it’s this one, if not, you can find it in his channel.


@DoctBaghi You beat me to it. Yeah that’s the right one.

@TheCaravel TLDW it’s about the same. Depends on the pierce armor of the enemy. sometimes it’s better, sometimes it’s worse.


@DoctBaghi @Quasibrodo Thanks for the info! I’ll give the video a watch!