Bohemians mid game and transitions

True, but I think for nowadays arabia it is difficult not to play feudal anyway.

Yeah I don’t see how they’d become a good arabia civ. Eco is pretty generic until castle age and even then I don’t see it compete with universal food bonuses from other civs. Chemistry is expensive and takes a lot of time to research so in theory your opponent will have better archers for quite some time to get an advantage. Also after your opponent has thumb ring you extra dps doesn’t look that good anymore. It’s still a bit better than tr but once u are in imp your arbs are worse again. Against knights you have hc which absolutely kill any melee units so these might be best case scenario in castle age if you can hold until chemistry is done. Transition to imp super akward, you basically need a lot of castles and make uu.

Bohemians are definitely the Arena Clown civ. They can do fine on Arabia if you can get to their UU as there isn’t any effective way to counter them other than going full redemption monk, but I expect their UU speed to get nerfed sometime soon. I have been having decent success just walling towards my tc where maps allow it, or just small walling resources elsewhere, play defensive until castle, drop a castle and go for the UU and raid with HW.

Civs with good monks are troublesome though, as conversions really hurt, you usually wont initially have resources to add your own monks and get redemption to convert back your HW. But if you can afford it, then you can stall the game with monks of your own until imp and try and take the game from there.

I also think it’s too early to call bohemians good or bad at that point. At least in arabia. They have strong early agression potential, but they are very restricted and the lack of mobility is a pain in the ■■■.

But from the sheer power the hc/hussite wagon comp is one of the strongest in castle age and the gold and stone mining bonusses help a lot to get to that comp. It’s actually one of the easiest midgame UU comps to get to currently.

But in arena and black forest this civ is nuts. And tbh I don’t like that kind of design so appearently geared towards one specific map type. Are we supposed to never click “random civ” from now on anymore?

I think that kind of civ design isn’t good for the game.

Then, what would it be you game plan with Bohemians?