Bombard cannons

There is a trouble with civ with bombard cannons: they have a overwhelming advantage.

  1. Why to trebuchets don’t automatically fire at them? This makes no sense.
  2. Their fire rate is way too high to correspond to any form of reality.
  3. With 5-6 bombard canons you can destroy all the trebuchets you want, with no reaction possible
    Basically this is a complete unbalanced advantage to certain civ’s.
    This should be corrected in the definitive edition.
    Kind regards

Bombard Cannons are an anti-siege siege unit, ofc they counter trebuchets.
They’re meant to be used against all types of siege units.
You’re supposed to use cavalry or infantry against them.
If you’re playing against a Bombarb Cannon civ, u don’t have them uself and u can’t get anything done with trebuchets because of them then maybe it could be a good idea to switch to Rams, they’re more resistant and they can dodge while still attacking (or use petards).


Man, you do not get it - they cost so much, OFC THEY ARE COOL and ofc they kill trebuchets! And it is hard to mass them-hard to make 6, not to mention that you,as a defender, have to scout and to know they come. Do not forget they require chemistry, while trebs do not. When you know-use hussars or cavaliers to kill them. OR micromanage siege onagers like a pro and kill them. Nobody else wanted to nerf them, sorry …And what the above post says is very true-they are just ANTI-siege , so they counter trebu.

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