Bombard Crawl Challenge - Need Help!

I only got up to 51k, how did most of you guys got up to over 60K points? Should I finish the game as fast as possible to earn more points? How do I even get to increase the score? Need your help AoE 3 experts.

got 70k+ by going slow but losing no units

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Don’t take care Janissary. They are worthless. You need to allow the Great Bombard and Spahi to more attack while Janissary take more damage.

Upgrade your arsenal, and destroy buildings only what is necessary to capture your base.

So keeping units alive grants higher score, thanks for that. What else are the objectives to increase the score? Hopefully I can hear other opinions too. :slight_smile:

im not sure about it… but it seems logical. Like in standard game modes. + think to upgrade market in early, and to upgrade jans to imperial later on (for score) etc

Thanks for the tip I made it up to 63K now. I’ll try to get up to 70K + by having better micro. Those artillery units are clunky.

Use Pause button to give some commands and doing upgrades so you dont waste your battle time and keep going on.

I came up with a strat that involves building petards with the russian artillery foundry to blow up the japanese castles, then building 2 monitors at the docks before fighting the french then using the long range attack to soften up the gates.

Got me 86k