Bombard Elephant Unit?

Would you like to see elephants with bombard cannons on their back? Unit has the same stats of hp and armour as the elephant archer, but has 12 range and the damage of a bombard cannon.

Basically the unit is a high hp bombard cannon unit. That can be healed by monks since it’s a cavalry unit.

They could be an untrainable unit, that can only be trained in scenarios, to stop guys whining over how overpowered they are. You need to add a trigger to allow training of Bombard Elephant. Or spawn them with create unit in order to have them in game.

This unit exists in AOE 3.

And in Medieval 2 Total War:

It need not be a powerful unit, just balance it as any single special unit of civilization.

It’s so easy to balance this:

  • First, the elephant would be weaker than the archer elephant of India, but the damage would be greater.
  • Second, the cannon would be focused on destroying buildings and not the enemy army. Of course you will have acceptable damage if you can hit troops.
  • Third, the bullet’s trajectory is a bit slow, the same or similar as any other cannon or catapult, so any unit that moves quickly can dodge.

Ready is solved.

The main problem is … there were yes or no cannon elephants until the 15th century, that’s the question.
I thought it existed, but, though, I’m starting to doubt … because the only game that shows this is Medieval 2 TW.
However, I have never seen in other games, this elephant, games that depict until the 15th century, and also found no sites that talk about it. By the seventeenth or eighteenth century I know it existed.

and now, the last point:
This cannon elephant would have to be a special unique unit of some new civilization or empire. If they ever decide to make a new DLC in the future, it could be put in some new civilization / empire

Is there any civilization that would put a cannon on elephants in history? If not, its a bit wierd as the military units in aoe are created based on history.

Besides, elephants are actually very timid. They are afraid of loud sound. Cannon firing or explosion probably frighten them off. Its unrealistic to make such units

Maybe a Siamese civ could get Elephant Cannoners, but that won’t happen.