Bombard Tower is Too Cheap

My two cents. Bombard tower should cost like 300 stone. Its way too cheap now for how effective it is. No need to change the power, but need to make it more expensive so people cant spam them as easily. Its very hard to remove a cluster of bombard towers in a game with siege.

Also, compare the effectiveness of a bombard tower to a keep. There is no comparison. That should show you that bombard tower should be far more expensive than it is now.

they get wrecked by rams and also suck at hitting stuff, 125 stone 125 gold is pretty expensive already even with guilds.

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Funny. I think is underpowered. BBT can be easly counter by Rams, and have tendency to miss many shots. And if you are against cluster of BBT, you are dead allready.


What? Bombard towers is one of the most useless overpriced buildings.

Except a cluster of BBT can destroy rams. And rams can take down Keeps as well, so that doesn’t really answer the question about BBT being too cheap. Im saying BBT is like 10 times more effective than even a fully upgraded Keep. So BBT should cost more. A cluster of 10 BBT on a main battlefield can kill 100+ units.

your enemy has 270 towers?? because that is impossible, rams take 1 damage and a train will destroy BBTs, you can send your army from behind to deal with units trying to take down rams

I thought BBT were giving melee damage, and rams have pierce armor, not meele?

that was changed 20 years ago 11

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See im old for real 11

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BBT deal pierce damage, and deal 1 (ONE) dmg to Ram. What is literaly ridoculous, the cannonball deal much less damage to wooden crest than guy with weak repeting crossbow. Or horse archer. Or any guy with sword.

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