Bombards are just way too slow now

Not sure what can be done about it but in larger games 3v3 or 4v4 bombards are just way too slow to make it across the map now. It’s painful. Sure, you can build siege shops closer, of course, but this isn’t always an option without good map control. People are just building wonders now almost every game and turtling because bombards take forever to get anywhere, it’s way too easy to wonder turtle without much threat in large games.

The speed nerf was just too much.

The reason I think it’s great now is… I don’t play team games. For 1v1 it’s so, so good.

Hope there can be some middle ground for team games, then!


This is why I was an advocate for increasing pack/unpack time, instead of decreasing movespeed. It was only siege’s mobility in combat that was an issue, not their mobility outside of combat

Not changing their movementspeed would still make chasing hard which it shouldnt be.
Team Games are their own thing and i think they shouldnt and wont be the main focus for balancing.
Maybe just make Team Maps smaller.


Just research the speed upgrade or/and make more forward siege workshops.
The speed is fine as it is now, and team games are much better now, people just need to get used to not over rely on siege so much.

Exactly. Now people need to make a proper army, get out on the map and secure a good position before starting to make siege. Bombards are very powerful and are like massive buildings, their speed needs to reflect that. Also if wonders are a problem then they need to change wonders instead of buffing bombards. The higher the player number the higher the price of wonders should be as 3k of each ressource is way too cheap on a 3v3 or 4v4 game


The nerf on siege was exactly what we needed.

The next thing we need is; increased costs and increased timer on wonders in team games, related to ratio of team players.

2 players: 4k resources each, 20 min. Timer
3 players: 5k resources each, 25 min. Timer
4 players: 6k resources each, 30 min. Timer

With this system, secret sites and sniping players 1 after 1 becomes valid again.


I agree on increasing the cost, but increasing the timer to 30 minutes in a 4v4 really feels like it would make games take way too long. Perhaps it should go 15, 18, 22, 25?

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In 2v2 its not a big issue. But yea in 3v3 or 4v4 it not viable to use bombards or most siege weapons. Siege workshop is expensive you can’t just put it forward. I think ideal is to increase wonder cost.

I disagree! Maybe we can but I don’t think people would be able to play very long matches stuck in stalemate. And you gotta wait 25 mins just to win. In most stalemate no side will be able to gain upper hand and the one who makes wonder first, wins. Difference would be, now they will have to wait much longer for same outcome. Also game doesn’t have reconnect feature. A single interruption can ruin your game and hope it never happens for entire match + 25 min you have to wait for wonder.

it is not the bombard, but the wonder victory time.
Therefore, you are a bit off.

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This sounds fair, and if it doesn’t work good enough they can always go up with the timer on a next patch.

In my humble opinion, wonders should become an opt out for stale games. Not the main focus to win a game in 30 minutes.

And if you can’t deny their wonder win on 25 to 30 minutes on the timer by secret sites or such, then the other team might just be the better one.

We need to fix wonders.

Not break bombards again.


What I dont get is the wonder is an Imperial Age building and the timer for it is 15 minutes. I mean, if you just rush straight to it it, ignoring everything else it still takes you 15 minutes to even be able to build it.
Thats a total of 30 minutes. How long do Teamplayers want to be each match? If you dont manage to break through in 15 minutes while the enemy team spend 12k resources you think you will do in 20? 25?
And thats like I said if you ignore everything else and straight rush it.
You want to sit in the game 2 hours in a stalemate?

Just a fun fact, there was actually a 3-day match with two streamers and they took a nap during the match xD as all the resources were gone and trade value was low.

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Wonder countdown should scale with number of players or size of the map. That should help.

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Bump. Bombards are too slow! It’s one thing to make them the slowest unit, but even in a 2v2 if I have production in my base, it takes like no joke 2 minutes for the bombard to get to the siege. and if it gets killed by springald or cavalry or MAA it’s a huge time and resource punishment. Proxy siege production is basically required to maintain a bombard siege if your opponent has a brain. Bombards should be good, dangerous units but they’re a joke right now. Much more reliable to make rams, trebs, or torch with cavalry instead.


I have a suggestion, an idea of ​​what can be done, but my opinion is that it’s great the way it is, but in case you decide to change something, my suggestion is

add a new mode for siege weapons, where it would increase its speed, but be unable to mount it to attack, if the mode is activated, it requires a time to activate this mode and vice versa to disarm this mode