Bonus attack for flanks

It would be good a bonus damage when the unit recieve the attack from different directions?
For example, Front attack 100%; Flank attack 125%; Back attack 150%. Stackable with other bonus, like hill bonus.

It would really usefull or microing potential? Could be too snowbally?
Could bring new civ bonuses, like negate this bonus, or rise it?
This should only work for melee, just ranged or both kinds of attack?
Could closed formations and defensive negate this bonus? It would be fun or just annoying?


Sounds like a solid choice for a civ containing ninjas(new japanese unit nudge nudge


The other good thing about this would be for a buff to units attacking fleeing cav archer types.

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lmao this engine is so old it isn’t capable of that atm. they could implement it but just thinking how much bugs it would introduce, and then I think about all the reported bugs from months to a year ago still not fixed

no thanks

I think that’s very convoluted and im not sure the enginr could support.


That would basically mean it’s impossible to disengage (or try to get better engagement) for all who have slower units than the opponents.
As if speed wasn’t factor enough already.


As far as i know there we’re ideas about different Boni on attacks from different Angles. And to give cav charging into Pikes from the Front a huge disadvantage but when they Attack from the rear a huge Advantage. Spirit of the law Made Video about these ideas that were didged.
Another idea was to make your own archers able to shoot over your walls but not the enemys.
There is a mod that implempts These things, so i would say it is possible, but should it be implemented? I dont think so. It opens up new Microelements and you have to watch your units way more.
Imagine having Like pikes that could kill the enemy cavarmy but you look away and cause they Attack from the rear they get countered. You get the idea.
Maybe im a bit conservative but i dont like oversimplifying or overcomplicating.


This could give formations a whole new level of impact in the game.
A close circle formation could be added.
Imagine a treb guarded by pikes in cirlcle formation

The only feasible way may be starting TC at plateau in a new map for team games.

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Yes it can’t. The current animation are all fake and just animation which is nothing to do with the actually attack and movement

Which mod and for which game?

I dont know the Name. Watch the sotl Video.

Thats the Video i was refering to. Its older than i thought and the Mod properly was for an older Version.

This based off the vanilla game.There was no full mod that could do all these things.