Bonus versus eagle runner knight is not applied

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Kanuris atack doesnt aplly multiplier versus eagle knight, eagle knight tag is infatery shock but bonus 2.2x of kanuri is not aplied.

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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1 test it on tools scenary.

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to deal bonus damage to shock infatery


please improve IU and let us know that eagle runner knight receives bonus for being light ranged cavalry and not for being shock infatery and infantery (i mean it doesnt receive damage bonus for being shock infantery either infantery, lets us know that on IU, is not tagged as a light ranged cavalry but it receives bonus as light ranged cavalry).

i know those tags are used to be buffed by cards, but IU should display the tag the units have to receive bonus damage

ive played the game thousands of hours and still forget that despite being shock infantery or ranged infantery type, it only receives bonus damage for being a type that is not displayed on IU: light ranged infantry type

problem is not atended since 2021

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my suggestion is to display on IU: type bonus damage receive: light ranged cavalry

for spanish people:

  1. la IU no te dice que recibe daño de ser light ranged cavalry osea caballeria a distancia ligera. Solo te confunde diciendote que es infanteria de choque e infanteria

  2. la sugerencia es que en la IU muestre que etiqueta (tag) de unidad hace que reciba bonus de daño que en esta caso es: caballeria ligera a distancia

osea en pocas palabras es caballeria ligera a distancia pero en la informacion dice que es infanteria de choque, infanteria y unidad de tierra

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i have a question…
what TEAM cards affect this unit?
light ranged cavalry cards … ?? i guess
shock infantery cards ??? i dont know , maybe is that the reason of what the iu shows this tag?
infatery cards …??? idont know, maybe is that the reason of what the iu shows this tag?
land military cards … yes

i hope a developer answer this

a question for whatever reads this

do you know any other unit that receives bonus damage of a tag that is not displayed on IU?

eagle runner knights are boosted by
france TEAM Ranged Infantry Attack
german TEAM Cavalry attack
Russia TEAM Scout Cavalry
sweden TEAM (whatever their ranged cav boost is)
india TEAM 5%

the full list is on the wiki

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Kanuri only has multiplier vs Hand Shock Infantry (icon with sword). Eagle Runner Knight is not Hand Shock Infantry, so this multiplier does nothing. That’s not a bug, this is expected behavior.

It is however true that certain hidden multipliers and effects target Eagle Runner Knight specifically, as if it was Light Ranged Cavalry in addition to its visible tags. It would be good to resolve that somehow and clear the confusion.


did you notice that tag says shock infantry and not hand shock infantry?

wahts the point to have unvisible tags?

bro that wiki is full of errors, its not reliable
but ok then team cards affect the tags show on IU.

but the tag on which the bonus damage received for this unit is not visible… make it visible, its absurd.

Yes that’s what I’m saying. As seen on your image, they don’t have Hand Shock Infantry tag.
Therefore Kanuri don’t deal any bonus damage to them.

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who is going to imagine that if its not exactly the same tag name, bonusis not aplied?

I’m not sure I understand. Of course bonus is never applied for tag with different name, it always has to be the exact same name as it says on the bonus multiplier.

Is the Shock Infantry tag used for anything?
The Eagle Runner Knight is the only unit that I can think of that has that tag without having the Hand Shock Infantry tag.
Maybe this tag should be completely removed from the game and for those few cases where something is applied to Hand Shock Infantry* and Eagle Runner Knights they should just be added manually.
Maybe the Eagle Runner Knight tag should not be hidden in general. It might be a useful tag for future units.

This unit is the most confusingly tagged unit in the game despite being a simple Light Cavalry unit is practice.

Pikeman, musketeers…heavy infantry in general and artillery

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Oh you’re right.
I think the main problem lies in the Hand Shock Infantry that isn’t even translated correctly in most translations.
This tag is long complicated and easily confused with Shock Infantry.

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“hand shock infantry” just means units with the “coyoteman” tag or “melee shock infantry”. they are weaker, less pop/resource effective “heavy cavalry” that also receive roughly 30-25% less bonus damage from their counters.

“hand infantry” generally means melee non cavalry units, such as pets, disciples, heavy melee infantry such as pikes and dopples, melee explorers like the Aztec war chief and Chinese monk, and melee skirmishers such as urumi.

all “hand shock infantry” or “coyteman” in the game files share the “lightinfantry” tag along with eagle runner knights. eagle runner knights do not have the “coyoteman” tag.

some units counter the “coyoteman” tag directly, such as dragoons. some units counter the “lightinfantry” tag, such as pikemen. and some units counter eagle runner knights directly while having a malus vs the “coyoteman” tag, such as skirmishers. you will need to dig into the gamefiles to understand these interactions.

abus instead have a smaller bonus vs eagle runners and a malus vs the “lightinfantry” tag, meaning they deal 61% of the damage per pop compared to skirmishers when factoring in ranged resistance and slower rof, resulting in skirmishers dealing 1.64x more damage per pop. Skirmishers also have 2.1x times more ranged hp per pop compared to abus guns, meaning abus guns have less than half the ranged health per pop compared to skirmishers. Just use falconets.

against 20% ranged resist light cavalry such as dragoons abus instead deal 71% of the damage per pop of skirmishers, meaning skirmishers deal 1.4x more damage per pop. against no ranged resist units like bow riders or warwagons, abus instead deal only 57% of the damage per pop of skirmishers, meaning skirmishers deal 1.75x more damage per pop. they deal almost twice the damage to melee resist light cavalry per pop, while having over double the ranged hitpoints per pop.

Shock Infantry = Cavalry
Hand Shock Infantry = Heavy Cavalry
Ranged Shock Infantry = Light Cavalry

Heavy Infantry counters the Cavalry and Shock Infantry tag.
Light Infantry counters the Light Cavalry and Ranged Shock Infantry tag.
Light Cavalry and Ranged Shock Infantry counters the Heavy Cavalry and Hand Shock Infantry tag.

I think for consistence is should be called Heavy and Light too.

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