Boom trading is the "new double TC"

wait so if i buy something from my market it will make the price go up in enemy market too thats really nice maybe its like that in aoe4 too it needed to be tested

With civilizations with passive resources like Mali, a global market is not viable, imagine that the population was also global, Abbasid would beat you in population

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Yep, that’s why it’s sometimes nasty against Saracens since their markets cost 75 instead of 175 wood and they only have a 5 % trade fee, so they might as well just go heavy on gold and buy their resources as needed

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But @HasanIchess is right in this game everyone has access to trade so no one will sell resource to turn it gold but it would be great to have global market it would add some realism to the game

Trade already took a significant nerf.
So because one game that the guy that went 2 TC lost that now means trade is OP?
I could probably also show you games where the 2TC guy won and use it as bait to tell devs to buff trade.
Also if you actually watch that game you will see even in just the villager count, excluding traders, LucifroN was always ahead when he had no extra TCs. The HRE TC went up late(7:24min), he didnt contest the trade early and lost a lot of villagers.
Plus that style of playing french is rarely viable in ranked and will loose against most civs.

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bring those games, or that the only source to believe in is you, ha

If you were to ask me, there is nothing inherently wrong with trade.
Some Civ’s just have a strong advantage with it.

And those who dosn’t usually have stronger Villager advantages.

If you were to ask me, Trade is far more “fun” than multiple TC’s allowing the opponent to turtle hard.

Trade inherently dosn’t allow you to turtle up and hide ujndernieth towers, TC and walls.

It’s far easier to stop someone going for hard trading than it is to stop someone going into hard multiple TC.

Trade promotes a more engaging and in my opinion, far more fun gameplay than Multiple TC.

In my personal opinion, I wish they would remove the ability to make multiple TC, forcing everyone to only rely on the 1 TC that they have, and be far more preserving with their villagers.


Villagers are boring.
Traders are fun.

See, abbassids two TC beat trade. Although the only thing that image proves is how easy to take some random game and just publish stats here as “proof” without showing the actual game or why the result happened the way it did.

That HRE vs french game if you actually look up the game on twitch the hre player was passive, gave up map control, had a late 2nd TC, was behind in villager(not including traders) count the whole game, even with a 2nd TC which is shown in the actual post game stats in the stream.

I show you a match between two professionals, I have never published matches against “any” conquerors to analyze the Meta, unless it is the professional who loses

OPA is one of alternative Wam’s accounts, and LoueMT is a pretty good player himself who is ranked number 20 and also played in the Elite classic tournament.
Of course someone who just post images of pro games without doing any actual ressearch wouldn’t know that!

The google translator did not specify the word one, I am not a native of English, on the other hand at least it equals my amount of evidence among professionals, bye

I share the game, I hope that it does not seem easy to you to do :wink:

three markets exceed 2 Chinese TC, please increase the price of the markets and give way to the cost of the docks as well

Nothing wrong here. The guy with 3 market+1tc should definitely have more eco than 2 TC. Its almost 4TC vs 2TC song.
Traders are already expensive, and if markets are so OP why not every single civ is trading, and how come Rus is considered the strongest civ when they are not a trade civ and yet are one of the strongest late game civs.
From what I see this is simply a coping post from someone who deosnt know how to deal with trade and uses some random top level games as an excuse.

What is strange to me is that no pro player tries to build trade (as long as the map is more or less decent for it) when he sees that the opponent is gathering stone, even if that civ has no trade bonus.

Perhaps there are hidden metagames not yet discovered.

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My reason is because they ridicule competing for the relics

And a boom meta gives you little room to be aggressive

in the same way with the Docks, if you lose one it is easy to make another, they should be more expensive and no longer nerf the water collection rate

That is pretty much your opinion, and the devs arent gonna change things for 1 player that dislikes trade. Trade is in a great spot, it gives a lot of variety in the game. Plus there are several ways to contest it and to punish it. In fact its much easier to punish trade boom than punishing multiple TCs.

Aggression is still a good way to play, however you will not see any pro player going for all ins but rather using aggression to put themselves ahead of the oponent and develop their own eco.

The only thing I think could maybe change is how cheap and spammable towers are and how you can easily shut down any aggression with them without having to make units.

I am showing that the Meta is booming (predictable game), who can do “all in” is the English because his landmark is an urban center, and Delih with the sacred places, however, both are on the low tier list.
Beasty himself mentions that in French he is in A because of his high production of villagers with 2TCs

Yes, but that doesnt mean there is no aggression.
French strength doesnt come only from faster vill but also from their aggression with knights, Rus is kinda similar as well.

In all aoe games so far, not sure what the state of aoe3 is right now, but when i used to play aoe3, in higher levels rushing was always weaker because top players were much more skilled at deffending and they are much better at not loosing villagers, so they leaned into greadier and greadier playstyles and the same applies to aoe4. Only way to change that is by making some drastic change like moving tc to age3 or something like that.

Also I may be wrong but even in aoe2 from the little i watched it and played for a while, the meta was to fast castle so players could get their 2nd and 3rd TC.

I take that comment so that, please weaken trade, in general everything that simulates a second TC should not be cheap, this includes the docks, I beg you