Both African civs need more team Cards

The two new African civs have oddly few team cards in comparison to other civs, with Hausa having a total of 3 and the Ethiopians having ONE. Most other civs have around 5 or 6. This is especially odd given that diplomacy is a major theme with these civs so with them having so few team cards, it feels like they are missing out on some interesting interactions.


I have an idea what if… OP cards, would actually buff your opponent with a way to counter it.

Here me out now… I think ports 10range mortar card for TR was beyond broken in legacy, but what if instead of trying to nerf it like they did, that either shipping OP cards come with a caveat, like increases range but reduced ranged armor 20%, or increases range, and enemy cavalry speed 10% that would really make card choices strategic and curtailed to fighting different civs, and not letting OP card buffs get away by breaking the counter system, but rather changing it.

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another OP card, ERK range, turns the card basically into a skirm, and really needs to be countered by halbs but its so fast and high DPS they kill them too…

soo that card should increase HI (heavy/hand) speed… 15%

they will still kill muskets because they are slow and meant to do range DMG, but faster melee units can now have a chance to counter them, which will force the aztec player to make more jags, creating more balance… rather than seeing just masses of 1 unit.

Aztecs dont need nerfs, all u need is to use canons to kill them. See the tops, aztecs always are the last ones.

They need balance… as do many other really strong cards… thinking along these terms makes OP cards possible.

Lets see how this was done for Germany, the soligen steel card buffs dopples to game breaking stats, so to counter it they decrease the speed, which really is unit breaking. What if instead it increased HI melee armor 10% well now those really good dopples will be really good vs what they need to be and deserving of the cost and pop space of the unit. But to the units meant to counter it will do a much better job. Forcing people to make muskets or pike, as a meat shield vs them.

Now back to Aztec… we all know Aztec need a buff because the coyote runners are weak but if they were made too good, then aztec will not have much weakneses and will show just how strong the rest of the army is when its not crippled by a weak unit. So we have to look at the civ at a holistic level when making changes.

It was just an example anyway and not the course for discussion to balance Aztec, what is part of the discussion is how balance can be achieved with these type of trade offs…

I have not played vs an African civ but they look a little too OP, so I am thinking, oh great what if they also gave OP team bonuses too right? eh… does that seem right? what if it was both, and playing certain strats could buff the enemy might have to buff the enemy and the team at the same time to maintain balance.