Bottom sigil on coat of arms displays incorrectly on match load screen

Hi - I’ve noticed this minor graphical bug a few times, and was able to replicate it on my own coat of arms. On some (or potentially all) of the 3-sigil layouts, such as below, the bottom one isn’t filled in on the match load screen. See below of an example:

match load sigil

Compared to on my player card:

sigil player card

I experienced this previously in 7274, and it seems to still be happening in 7989 (above screenshot is from the latest version).

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Set sigil position on Coat of Arms to Triple Stacked, Triple Diagonal Right Ascending, or Triple Diagonal Right Descending (may not be an exhaustive list - testing them all is time-consuming, these are the ones I’ve seen)
  2. Start a game and the issue will be visible on the match load screen


Thank you @refcode7136! We appreciate the bug report!

I want to report a bug regarding age of empires 4 customizable coat of arms. The bug i encountered happens whenever i use any 3 sigil for my coat of arms (any sigil type), the 3rd sigil does not appear correctly during battle loading screen, but it does appear correctly in profile tab. This bug doesn’t occur when im using 1 or 2 sigil.

My graphics settings is set at the default lowest setting.



Loading screen visual bug:

Whenever someone else or me has a flag with 3 sigils on it the last one is not displayed correctly. I have also seen this in a few youtube videos.

I know it is a minor thing - but should also be easy to fix.