Bought Age IV via Preorder but it won't let me install on 2nd computer

Bought Age IV via Preorder but it won’t let me install on 2nd computer Microsoft Store doesn’t list me as an owner. Sometimes I can get a window showing that my pre-order purchase is completed but when I click on the [Install On] button it tells me it will be installed by an Xbox application, but then nothing happens. How can I get Age IV onto my 2nd computer?

How did you preorder it?

You probably still need to install the Xbox-app from Microsoft Store. It should list the games you purchased through the Microsoft Store and offer the option to install them. Of course you need to use the same Microsoft account as you purchased the game with for Microsoft store and Xbox app on second pc.

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Don’t remember, most likely through Microsoft Store.

You were right. I did install successfully with the latest XBox app, thanks! But my computer has only 8 GB RAM so the program barely runs. I wonder if Virtual memory would help, don’t know if Win 10 provides for virtual memory at all. Anyway, you were right on the money!

I have 8GB ram and I run AOE4 fine. I’m on GTX 760 and i5-4690K. I use a mix of low and medium settings at 1080p and get between 50-60 fps. Idk what else you have in your PC but maybe your settings are too high/you have higher expectations than me?

Is virtual memory to do with that paging thing? There is a way to increase it. I always get the memory warning when opening AOE4 and AOE support told me by email I could try increasing it. I never did as the game ran fine and was worried of negative side effects. I’ve since found out it’s probably just a bug as many people with better computers than me also get that warning.

Are you sure it’s not your GPU that is the bottleneck here? 8 GB of RAM could be an issue while playing big team games, but shouldn’t be an issue while playing 1v1 skirimishes. I think trying to close as many background applications as possible will have a much bigger impact than adding swap memory (or whatever it’s called in Windows), this kind of virtual memory is namely much slower.

I wouldn’t change virtual memory settings to just run a game, unless if you have to follow the recommended settings for specific purposes.

You didn’t give the specs of that second computer, so I’ll do a wild guess here that it’s still has an old fashioned hard disk instead of a solid state disk. If you plan to give that second computer a second life for gaming and it still has a decent CPU and GPU I would recommend to upgrade with a 256 / 512 GB SSD as they are a cheap buy these days and deliver huge performance increase.

Thanks for that. I’m running Win10 on a fast Mac laptop which may be the problem., although the same Mac runs AoE2DE without any issues.

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I didn;t know you could run W10 on mac! Gz

Do you use Parallels or Boot Camp for this?

You can, but it has to be an Intel Mac.

I use Parallels. Parallels on an Intel Mac.

If you installed it on your 1st computer you cannot install and run it on the 2nd computer.

1 purchase allows only 1 playable install as far as I remember

I don’t know which version you use, but you could check the VM’s memory settings. Make sure it’s set to 4 or 6 GB. 8 GB will probably be too much as your Mac laptop has only 8 GB. Make sure it’s not set to dynamic.

I would recommend using Boot Camp for this anyway.

How to change a virtual machine’s memory (RAM) (