Brand new to DE, Are their map downloads as well?

Hello everyone, I’m brand new to DE but have played AOE lll (old school) by myself but couldnt ever seem to get the multiplayer to work so I decided to give DE a try, so far I like it alot, trying to learn it as its similar to aoe lll but has its own little changes that im trying to figure out and get used too. I was wondering, is there clans out here or folks wishing to hang out and teach an old dog new tricks in a multiplayer map or two? Also are their map downloads for this edition like there is for AOE lll? or only Mods alone? And if there are maps to download or mods, what do you veteran players suggest or recommend, thank you very much for your time!

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I highly recommend the ranked 1v1 ladder to get started, feel free to jump in as soon as you’ve gotten your feet wet with a couple of practice vs AI games just to get a hang of things, you might lose a few games at first but you will quickly begin to get matched up with players that are around your level.

The team game queue is a little more volatile and the games on there might not be the best unless you party up with some friends and don’t take it too seriously.

As far as maps go, since the ranked queue uses a map pool, there isn’t a lot of custom map usage unless you go into lobbies, and even then you probably won’t see many others outside of things like Land Nomad or maybe some variation of Arabia.

There are some useful mods you can download from the mod center, like small trees, better looking terrain grids, and maybe some custom UIs if that’s your thing.

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There are lots of random maps you can download from Download a file, then paste it into your game’s random map script folder. You can also download map scripts from the in game mod center.

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