Brasilian Ruyters

I have been playing & testing around alot recently with the new Revolutions (some of them are amazing once you find out their strengths) and currently I try to wrap my head around the Brasillians.

I have some troubles finding/testing out details about the “guard of honor”-card.
It makes Brasilian Dragoons stronger against Skirms & Light-Cav (which are the counter to Rifle-Riders/Jaguncos). So far so good for Dragoons.
But what about the Ruyters?
Edit (tested this out): The Damage bonus is different (Ryuters get +200% damage in melee while Dragoons get their base melee damage changed from 11 to 28).
BUT It also seems they dont get any increase in range - but this is hard to test.
The text of the card is kinda cryptic for Dragoons: its sets the minimum-range for ranged attack to 2 and enables the lance attack (setting the base melee damge to 28 and removing multipliers)
But it dosent note any range-change for the Ruyter.

So here are my questions:

1.) Do Ruyters get a melee-range bonus from the “Honor-Guard” card or not?
2.) Do Dragoons even get a melee-range bonus from the card or does it just look like that because they now carry a lance?
3.) With the different kinds of damage changes: Which unit should dutch/Brasilians build? Ruyters or Dragoons?