Brazil server appreciation post

Isn’t it wonderful how the game motivates us to grind more games while climbing the ladder, turning us into all around better, more skilled and more tolerant players, by deliberately placing us on the worst server possible, where 80% of the times someone drops from the game, increasing the difficulty of matches.

And a fact that makes it even better is that it’s decided by a simple coinflip, which decides if you or your opponent’s team will be the one with a disadvantage. Sometimes if you get very lucky, you can get both outcomes, resulting in a very entertaining and out of the box match where a 4v4 can turn into a 3v3, or a 3v3 into a 2v2 etc, allowing you to have a balanced game while utilizing the resources of your disconnected comrades. And sometimes when you just wanna relax during a game, without worrying about the outcome, you get a 4v2 or a 3v1 match. Really nicely fleshed out feature!


I got tired of all this threads about the Brazil server. Yes there is an issue and yes it must be fixed. But why do we need to make another about this topic? Just some already existing thread about this subject:

Devs know there is an issue and they work on a fix. What is the added value of another thread about this subject?

Your better of with helping the devs to fix the issue. See the following message:

If you want this issue to be solved, then just contact GMEvangelos.

Sry this was more of a trollpost 11. I just needed a way to vent after a bunch of drops today during play, and basically all are Brazil server.

Interesting to know that we can contact him about this. Thx ill see what I can do

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Yeah, i understand it was a trollpost, but i just got tired of all the different thread about this topic. Some players even had the stupid idea of just deleting the Brazil server. Like you need to vent about all the issues at the server, i just needed to vent about all the threads people make. That is just me. You dont need to say sorry for your post. I also just needed a way to vent after all those threads. I really understand the issue. I really hate playing those team games on Brazil server. it makes me almost quit TGs. Now i just play 1v1 most of the time.

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Doesnt seem so stupid when the issue exists for months. The far easiest solution would have been to remove them temporarily until fixed as it is NO PROBLEM for SOUTH AMERICANS to actually play on US servers just like europeans can is it?
It wouldve been the far best solution if the problem cant be fixed in a matter of days so stop spreading lies. Fact is the brazil server problem almost ruined team games completely due to this issue or do you think the average joe who wants to enjoy a game is fine trying to get a proper game after having failed games 4-5 times in a row?