Breakdown of Aoe 2 De Skill levels

With 1250 (1v1 elo) you are in top 17.7% of players :wink:

I’m not trolling.

My ingame name is philos.

Ye I can understand that. People rate skill levels from their own perspective, so a player with 2200 elo thinks 1700 is garbage relative to him.
Also, I guess many accounts are inactive, I guess you can’t count them. So maybe 1250 is top 50 % or so?

Thanks for all u guys on advance.

Also, my elo is around 1220-1240 now, but I defeat most opponents when I play serious and the strong friend guessed my rating on that level
As I even have a good chance against 1300-1400 guys sometimes.

No, the ranking shows only accounts with at least 1 game in the last 28 days. Otherwise you are not part of the ladder. So the top 17.7% of the players is only active players.

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Also I agree that people troll with inflated elo scores in online forums. But I guessed the 2 users in my other post how long for xyz rating and me who clearly showed their path (800 to 1100 elo in 300 games, 1300-1400 elo reached in few hundred games and me with 1250-1300 in 300-400 games seem pretty realistic for me).

Also, a user in another post said that 1300 or 1400 is easy to reach, which seems the common consens, doesn’t it?

Didn’t knew that. Thanks woodsiercorn.

with what? 1v1 elo? Yeah sure pretty easy, IF YOU GO FULLTIME AOE2. But thats still top 15%, so yeah it is not that special to achieve, but I myself cannot do that :wink:
Teamgame elo? yeah sure thats easy to get to 1300 (65% of players have this)…

can confirm this, just checked

Haha, I thought you will think that :smiley:
I use the same name ingame though, so it’s easy to check - but I could have just named myself after a random top 1000 player…who knows^^

Desperately needed 11

In any competitive game it is of Course just a walk in the park to become top 10 or top 5% for everybody Not much afford required. It is like the Default Outcome.:woman_facepalming:

What else?

The thing is, I guess a good amount of players don’t play competitively, so it’s not like top 5% of ranked players is top 5% of competitive players. There might be alot of players playing 5 games a week casually.

Makes no sense. You disagree with yourself in what you are saying. If you are not play ladder you are playing not competive. And from this casual non ranked players almost nobody will be even in the top 50 percent tile. You seem to have no clue at all.


I dont really agree with this breakdown because I am 1100 ELO and I usually go against a friend who are quite decent in the game and his Extreme AI ally because he is scared to go alone against me, I waste them both every time.

My opinion is that the more effort you put in the more results you will get out even if your ELO is at noob level

I can pretty much promise you that the number of players who would be top 5%, but don’t play ranked is single digit.
It’s actually probably the opposite: Because there are so many players who dont play 1v1 ranked (but are not that great), the top 5% of 1v1 ranked is actually the top 2% of players or something like that.

If he cant beat you 2v1 with an extreme AI, either your rating is waaay too low for your skill level (like 500 too low), or your friend is far away from being decent :wink:

It doesn’t work that way (unless you don’t play serious in ranked games). 1v1 rating should be pretty accurate after you played some games (of course there’s some variance, but it shouldn’t be more than 100-200 points).
ELO is not a random number asigned to you, it actually represents what your (latest) results were. So if your ELO is at “noob level” you either are a noob, or you didnt play ranked for a while.

Based on what he posted, i think someone around 800 elo is quite decent in his eyes. I do disagree with that statement, but lets consider this match up. I wouldnt surprise if a 11xx player beats the extreme AI paired with a 800 elo player.

Isn’t the extreme AI not too far away from to strength of a 11xx player?
I have a friend who’s ~950 and I think him vs extreme AI would be an interesting duell and I would maybe even favor the AI there.

Sites such as Aoenet or Aoenexus should be able to show you this number automatically. There is also a bunch of charts laying around that show the distribution of the ELO of the playerbase.

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Just here to blow your minds with the truely devastating 698 elo here. I can tell you that map pending jumping 200 points makes quit the difference in skill at the lower levels. Started at 300 and have made it to 750. Tried swapping to a new civ and got destroyed. I watch my old games and its eye opening how much of a difference there is in how i played. I would think you can say every 200 there is a difference in skill large enough to notice.