Brightness/glow filter bug when selecting buildings

I’ve been seeing this on livestreams and noticed it in my own gameplay. Notice how the terrain gets brighter or washed out when TC is selected, this behavior occurs when selecting any building, not units. I am on some combination of mostly medium/low graphic settings.

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I reported this graphic saturation bug as well but didn’t get a response. Also clicking on trees and mines also triggers the bug. Basically anything that is static and cannot move triggers it.

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Oh ouch. Yeah its hyper annoying, and just to be clear the effect occurs map-wide, if you are looking at your scout near enemy base and select your TC to queue villager, the terrain still lights up. It feels like its intended to highlight the selected object but the container just isn’t there or being ignored so it applies the glow to the entire map.

Thanks @Snuggleh and @KettleBunny! I’ll make sure the team sees this. Appreciate the reports!