Bring back AI historical names/resignations

In AOE2 (and I think 1?) they AI always had great names of generals/leaders etc of that civilisation. It added a great touch. It would also be great to bring back the funny ye olde English resignations they send. It gives the AI/game more character and charm. I hope this will be added back when they add the taunts etc.


Aoe3 AI even greets you in the beginning and ask you to give up when battle is not good.


Would be nice. I don’t know what AoE4 currently lists for names, but I always felt AIs with names and resignation sayings (and tribute demands) helped personify them. Brings character to them

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In AOE 3 we also had “explorers” who were great leaders and commanders and it was really fun to control them and do amazing things. They were basically like the “Khan” unique unit of the Mongols.

I really hoped that the devs would give an equal amount of unique units to each civilisation, but currently on the Chinese got more than 3 unique units and all other civs barely get 2… Which is really sad.


AoEO has quest givers who are often historical figures, too.

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So China AI would change a name based on different dynasty?

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Could have been nice.


In AOE4 it’s literally just “easy AI” “hard AI” etc and they don’t send any resignation messages or any messages.


Oh, that’s too bad. Way too bad, actually :anguished:

They don’t just not send resignation messages, they don’t even resign in the first place. They just keep on playing until you secured your win condition (sacred site, landmark victory or wonder victory).

In Aoe3, they have voicelines, taunts you when you don’t play well along the lines of, "My explorer has been doing useful things, yours is just no good. Before a huge fight it tells you things along the lines of “Oh you have no chance” or “Dear me I think I’m gonna lose”… It’s not exactly these but I highly recommend you check Aoe3 out for the actual ones. The AI actually has a personality.

Queen Isabella’s innuendos make me laugh out loud everytime. “Why is it that I always seem to get double-teamed???” OR “Is that your explorer I saw napping in a field?? He needs a spanking?”

In AoE2 these are just messages on the screen. In AoE3 they speak these out and its hilarious!!!

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They also give up on attacking you if you send two spearmen or archers to harass their workers.

I also wondered why this feature is missing. It brought a nice touch of immersion.
As other players said, previous games had it and some messages were hilarious lol. I hope they implement it.