Bring back all the maps and animals from aoe3de

Not only had aoe3de such an immense variety of weather and maps (you could see rain in amazonas or snow in the snow map etc) but also a lot of wild animals! that would make the maps less flat and repetitive and boring… maybe…

Back then you could “feel” you were playing the ozarks map or amazonas or africa or asia or patagonia… they were very real and well-designed… we need THAT (if you wanna just copy and paste them in this game I wouldnt complain at all…)


A simple solution, how about replacing the deer herd with other animals?

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that would be a great starting point… then each map could have their own animals

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I agree, I like that idea, specially when it comes to maps.
Aoe3 hybrid maps style would work really well on aoe4.

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