Bring back guardians for relics/sacred sites?

I kind of liked the guardians from AoE3, they were relatively hard to defeat. It would make relic/site rushing more of a mid-game task. Also they could be converted, which would add a nice army buff reward in addition to the relic. You could strategically wait for your opponent to kill the guardians then rush in for the steal… could be a fun mechanic. Thoughts?

that would literally neuter one of delhi’s huge advantages(and to some extent HRE)… you do realise what is going on with the civ balance right?

Rushing early prelate to a site or relic just seems cheesy from a flavor standpoint. Who just finds sacred artifacts lying around unprotected?

No I don’t think so. That’s a straight nerf to Delhi and I don’t think they need any nerfs.

Fair point, denying delhi that gold in feudal would be a huge nerf.