Bring Back Hidden LOS!

I am very emotional about this change as it was discussed before the actual change. I dont think we should make such a deep cut to the actual gameplay and flavour, just for a very little improvement of communication.

First, it is only a change affecting people that solo queue tgs with randoms. So mostly mid to low elo players, as high elo players would not still do it, as even with shared LOS the communication is still much dumbed down compared to voice chatting. And I also think therefore that it also wont make a big change for such people as they still need to have the ability to check the minimap while playing the game. And the impression that people of that elo are able to do that and figure out whose LOS is whose and what it means for them strategically, is very much to be asked. It mainly helps seeing the actual thread if mate pings and says scouts in base for instance. But it wont help if there is no communication at all, cause low elo regions already struggle with reading the minimap just in 1v1.

Secondly, would it in general not make sense to improve communication tools over all in the game instead of just removing the hidden LOS. There is much more to be done than just doing the boring solution of having access to seeing all. Its all about taking away all possible hurdles, why not remove FOW overall…

Some ideas: Outposts and maybe scouts have the unique feature of sharing LOS for instance, but all other LOS remains hidden. Would make outposts suddenly a much more interesting part of the game. Or one could make it so that pings are not all uniformly the same but you can adjust them depending on what you want to tell. For instance, a hill you want to secure in castle age, that ping should be on mini map much longer than a ping signifying an opposing group of scouts approaxhinf a mates base. Also different symbols would then be used. Or a general UI improvement for the use of taunts and alike for communication simplification, cause who has time to scroll down the list in communication tab or memorize all three digit codes for what they need. A much more sorted list you can look at and activate depending on what you want to tell might be helpful. I.e. Agressive, defensive, ressource commands, strategic commands all in groups you can open via a quick shortcut and then see a list of what you want to select from.

Thirdly, I really like cartography and would like even more exploration techs in the game not fewer. Tracking, Cartography, Compass, Telescope, every age has one tech that fits the ages theme and could add much flavour to the game. Cartography and Tracking as it was introduced by aok was not very helpful, I agree but there might be room for such techs in the game. For instance, tracking could improve los of vills and scouts. Or cartography removes the decay time of revealed areas becoming black again after some time after you last entered the area, which then would also affect 1v1 and not only tgs. Just ideas, probs not good enough to be added, but maybe some inspiration to think about. In a medieval game advances of exploration are a core ingredient of highlighting civilisatory progress in this part of history, from just having very basic mapping skills to technological help like compass, ######## telescope in later ages. I would very much welcome a enriching of the game in that regard.