Bring deathmatch to ranked or give us a better lobby system

Moving ranked deathmatch to lobby browser was not very successful, finding a deathmatch game went from 5-10 mins to an indefinite amount of time. It is really sad to see the game mode that has been there since forever just buried like that just because the devs are biased or just have different opinion

The lobby system is terrible for ranked play, specifically the one created for deathmatch. You have to go through multiple clicks just to check if anyone is hosting

The UI for the lobby browser is outdated and not suited for a game being played in 2023

Deathmatch has been played since the early days of AOE, even if the community is of a smaller size its not a good reason to just kill it.

Please rework the UI and add deathmatch (or even more game modes) to the ranked queue

It would also help if there is a figure showing how many people are actually queuing in each game mode in ranked queue


I still wonder why devs to this day keeping this bad UI. Can’t even change settings when queued. Why not give us able to queue different types of game? Like team DM, team RM, team EW all at once? Same with 1v1.

Its funny how this forum people are mostly worried about the cosmetics, graphics and DLCs rather than the actual playability of the game

And the devs are probably prioritizing anything that they can sell to keep their salaries flowing, the fact of the matter is if the lobby system becomes better they would generate more sales through more interested and invested players (specially with their new icons DLC)