The title says it all. Like if you agree to give the post maximum visibility.

For the people thinking that Incas TR was an op strategy, taking them on arablia is already a “tell-tale” sign, telling the other play what was coming.

I think smoothing the game out like this is absolutely wrong. Its like if now I tell you your are not allowed to do a special move in a chess game anymore…


Was removed for a reason…
I will go more drastic and remove the blacksmith bonus and replace it with something else
ao the team bonus.


Agreed. The way this was handled was pretty bad.


It’s good to see that noob-basher strat has been gone.

I have nothing against identity, but if the identity is noob-bashing it’s kinda bad.


It really wasn’t about noob-bashing. The bonus was actually rather nice for noobs. The strong vills meant far less feudal ragequits when used as the learning civ. (Select few vills and attack the scout/militia/maa much easier than learn to quickwall)

This has nothing to do with noobs or not since the ranking system should normally generate matches with players of equal skills.

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Lately it seems there is no place for walling, defensive (aka. slow) playstyle, and tower rushing in DE. I don’t think they’ll ever bring old incas back. First, let’s wait and see how their win/play rates turn out.
Btw I strongly support the idea of incas getting a whole revamp. Now they feel like a space filler.

Well lets go deep on the inca thing, first the word identity doesn’t fit cause incas hadn’t warriors and weren’t warrior, they had no one to fight, so that word doesn’t apply to them, cause all their military bonus is merely an invention.

Secondly the vill rush was something lame, cause no other civ could play in the same way to counter the strat, that by itself breaks the rules of any RTS, you guys maybe can’t understand how important are the timings and the small window to take the lead in a game, everything about the inca vills rush was giving their users an unfair advantage, common counter to trushes simply weren’t effective vs inca cause of the armored vills, so raiding economy was not even a counter play.

If you only remove the armor to the vills, then the inca vill rush becomes garbage, pointing the big difference of more resistant villagers in feudal age specially making towers.

The strat is now only in your memory let it rest in peace.


And I think Incas are still a quite good civ.
Maybe the slinger needs a bit love, but everything else looks more than fine.

Non-elite Kamayuks could be made a bit stronger, too. But elite are fine.

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hmmmmmmmmmm just NO.

So happy their “identity” is now dead :joy:


yea, its always nice when one more civ goes into the never pick civs pile /s

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I’ve read your whole argument with Mat about this topic haha, and I disagree. Also… you just replied to me about not wanting fast gg’s. Inca vil punching leads to fast gg’s haha

Incas had many many warriors, had many bloody battles and bronze weapons.

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A message for the devs: Bring back the tower rush!

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You can tower rush.

Now with every civ, not just incas.

blacksmith bonus should be replaced with another bonus for villagers, but some which is not as big of an effect as the previous one

For example it could be, villagers +8 hp per age (+8 feudal, 16 castle age and 24 in imperial age)

having vills with +8 hp will allow them to vill fight better than other civs but it will not be as OP as before (before with feudal armor and attack upgrade, inca vills deal 3 dmg to other vills, while receiving only 1)

and also that +8 could be changed to +10 as well, there is room for changing.

Also Incas just had too much going for their tower rush.All their bonuses were helping there

Honestly extra armour and attack on vills may be fine for another more military or boom focused civ

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I would replace their team bonus by “militia (or infantry?) units gets +2LOS”

This new teambonus is good for drushes or m@a trushes. M@a are a good companion for/against tower rushes so they could replace the old armored inca villagers during tower rushes, while also helping their militia to not fall under TC fire.

Also, any infantry team bonus is good for the game if we see more infantry civs using infantry units.

Tower rushes are nerfed hard at DE. Incans was the last tower rush civ and now they also nerf their tower rush. It isnt a viable strat anymore.

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